1. Eurydactylodes vieillardi hatchling first shed

    Eurydactylodes vieillardi hatchling first shed

    Day-old hatchling eating his first shed. They’re very dark when they first hatch.
  2. ThisnThatExotics

    Leo hatchling morph help

    Hey all! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on my hatchlings morphs. I’ve had leos for years but this was my very first year producing hatchlings. Right now I just have 5 TSM and a lot more females due in the next couple of months First pairing was my Mack snow tremper boy with my white and...
  3. Jupiter close up

    Jupiter close up

    :D meet Jupiter! I think he's one month old but idk He's eats mealworms and sometimes waxworms (care to tell me about diet *please?*)
  4. C

    Leopard Gecko Tongue

    Hi all, I successfully hatched a couple of eggs this august and one of the youngsters seems to have an problematically large tongue. She can get the food into her mouth but then it slips back out as she try’s to swallow it. The other one does not have this problem. I am wondering if any of you...
  5. Topaz


    Neon day gecko hatchling, Topaz
  6. V

    BABY Mack snow leopard gecko

    I know it's hard to get very young geckos at this time of the year, but someone very close to me wants a leopard gecko and they want a baby mack snow. I am willing to meet to pick this baby up or pay shipping. If you have a baby available please pm me with the price you are asking for and a...
  7. M

    New Hatchling + Questions

    Hey All! I picked up a hatchling leachianus, and this is my first one so I wanted say hello, share some photos and ask a question! Here is my new little guy Bulbasaur, only 10 days old! My question is does anyone have any tips of getting him/her to eat? Now he's just been put in a new...
  8. G

    56 IRIS Hatchling Tub Rack

    This is a 6 foot tall by 3ft and 1.5 inch wide rack system. It can hold 56 IRIS Hatchling Tubs. It comes with the heat tape already installed and wired. It also comes with a Helix DBS-1000 proportional grounded thermostat. It has 14 shelves that each hold 4 hatchling tubs. The tubs are not...
  9. zachandjess2904

    Hatchling SHTCTB , lots available

    Asking $75 to $100 each plus shipping . Lots to choose from hatching daily all are 100% het raptor . Email for pics and prices on what's currently available . [email protected]
  10. UnicornSpirit

    anole hatchling!

    So I keep my 2 anoles in a 32 gallon Oceanic Lizard Lounge. I didn't want to use the glass top so I made a custom screen lid for it. Unfortunately, carpentry isn't a strong point of mine and there are a few gaps in it... but not enough for an adult anole to escape. I have seen my anoles...