help my gecko

  1. Animal Enjoyer

    Need Help with my Leo

    I think I messed up BIG TIME. My leopard gecko didn't have a heat lamp or uvb until today (I'm not entirely sure how much uvb the repti basking lamp from zoo med provides), and she doesn't look well. She's not eating, and I've tried force feeding. She's shedding okay, but I worry I've done...
  2. B

    Help is something wrong!! (tip of tongue black)

    As I was letting my giant Day gecko lick honey off my finger I noticed his tongue was black on the tip. Is this normal or is there something wrong.
  3. WizardLizard

    Leo won’t eat? Help please!

    My leopard gecko Flitwick, Age - 1.5 years Morph - wild type (I think, bought from pet smart) Size - slightly smaller than normal Gender - male Tank size - 20 gallon tall Substrate - cocoa fiber carpet Temps - warm side 95-80 cold side 80-70 Humidity - varies from 20-40 Food - mealworms...
  4. S

    I have a question about a Marbled Gecko

    I have a marbled gecko but it seems like there's too little information about him. I have a pair but one of them has a tiny little orangish rounded eggs stuck around his eye and body also it's hard to take them out. when I popped one of the eggs (?) it showed orange goo. I am assuming chiggers...
  5. C

    Leopard gecko - vomiting

    Hi guys, I'm super scared now. Little Lovey the leopard has thrown up her mealworms three times in two weeks. The first time, she had eaten 10 and was just woofing them down so we thought maybe she had eaten too fast. She's otherwise acting normal. Her next feeds were fine and then about 8 days...
  6. L

    HELP, what's happening to my leopard geckos tail?

    so it's been a week and her tail looks like this now but in the other pictures thats how it looked like before. ive been applying antibitoic ointment because I was told to but i cant tell if its getting worse or if its healing. Does anyone know what this is?? The tip of one of her toes are black...
  7. M

    Rescue gecko egg bound?

    Hello! I rehabilitate/rescue reptiles. I just took in two female leos yesterday, one is very clearly "gravid"..? I personally haven't had a gecko look like this while gravid, one of her eggs is very pronounced and misshapen. I've left her with a lay box overnight and she hasn't done anything...
  8. I

    Strange Breathing/Eyes squinting/Eyes shut

    [[VET ASAP]] I have never seen her this way and noticed just today Hiccup-like/Eyes squinting/Raising head all the way up once in awhile To give a more descript idea of what her breathing looks like: her sides are not flexing rapidly, the 'hiccuping' is not sudden but more like a pulse every...
  9. D

    Help for rescue a baby gecko

    Hello everybody, I looked up a forum online since I cant find the information that I am looking for on the internet, hopefully one of you can help me out/give me Some advice. I need help with taking care of a wild baby gecko. (I think it is a crocodile/moorish gecko) Here is the situation...
  10. apollothegecko

    heating on cool side help please!

    on the hot side of the tank it’s usually around 89-94 degrees fahrenheit but on the cool side the wall temperature says 65. how do i get the heat up on the cool side?
  11. K

    i need urgent help with my gf leopard gecko

    so i got a message from them saying they need help with there leopard gecko they said that they checked on them and there tail is really thin at the end, black, feels like its crispy like its burnt images below the leopard gecko was acting fine since the last couple of days where the tip of...
  12. Maplense

    Leopard gecko eye issue help

    I have a male leopard gecko that I’ve had for almost three years now. Just recently noticed his left eye almost looks as if his pupil and iris and separated from his eye?? I’ve attached some videos to this. I’ve looked all over online and haven’t found anything similar. Please help i just want...
  13. N

    please help,idk what to do

    hello, i keep my leopard gecko, sparky, in a tank on top of my desk. he’s a juvenile, so he’s kinda small. yesterday, my dad was moving it and didn’t see his heating rock plugged in and my poor gecko fell to the floor and got smushed by his rock. he’s alive and alright, but he won’t walk on his...
  14. A

    Please help! Sick AFT Gecko

    I have an African Fat Tailed Gecko. He is one year old and has always been very healthy. He lives in a 10 gallon tank, with eco-bark as his substrate. He has always been a good eater, I have recently switched to feeding him larger crickets that he really loves and seems to have no problems...