Rescue gecko egg bound?


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Hello! I rehabilitate/rescue reptiles. I just took in two female leos yesterday, one is very clearly "gravid"..? I personally haven't had a gecko look like this while gravid, one of her eggs is very pronounced and misshapen. I've left her with a lay box overnight and she hasn't done anything. She is currently housed in a 41 quart rack system with the other female. I'm worried she might be egg bound? Please help!
Thank you!


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Poor girl. Yes, she definitely looks egg-bound to me. Do you have any experience with helping pregnant females or housing and incubating the babies? I’d definitely do some research on that if not… and for now just make sure she’s getting plenty of calcium, (using a dusting supplement on her feeder insects might be a good way to do that), and be extremely gentle with her if she has to be moved. I haven’t personally bred leos before so I cannot be too precise with my recommendations, but do make sure to reach out to as many people as possible if you don’t know how to care for the eggs/babies.


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It is possible that she wasn’t getting enough calcium in her diet and that has caused the misshapen eggs… but still be sure to treat her as you would any other gravid gecko and perhaps they will be okay when they arrive <3


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I'm mostly concerned on her capability to pass them. I don't think the eggs are fertile either way though, she wasn't housed with a male as far as I know.


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Okay. I’ll do some research, this might be a complicated situation if she can’t… but I trust that she is in the best care she can be in right now, and I hope she’ll be okay…


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I'm not entirely sure that's an egg. It's sticking out way too far. It looks like an abdominal hernia to me and I'd recommend a vet visit (she could be gravid as well).


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