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    Like impaction but not impaction

    So I got myself a little leopard gecko a while back. She ate sporadically but ate all the same. Pooping and shedding as normal. She didn't have the greatest health when i got her but im used of that as most really nice geckos are hard to find here. So anyway her humidity box is sphagnum moss as...
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    Is my gecko impacted

    Hi all my gecko has stopped eating for about 5 days now and im getting a little worried. i was wondering if you could help tell me if she is impacted? she is on coconut fibre and eats a vary of meal worms and super worms.
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    leopard gecko impaction or not

    Hi guys so I just switched my leopard gecko to eco earth because she's about to lay and I saw some youtubes use it for years without problems and she's pooped today and yesterday so I was just wandering if this is impaction or not please help