1. Kristi23

    Buy One Get One Half Price Eclipse, Afghans, Snows

    Buy One Get One Half Price! Orders over $300 will ship free! Trades I'm interested in: ball pythons, fattails, cave geckos, thermostats, and leopard geckos (blood hypo combos, a very nice bold stripe female, or sub-species/combos. the only albino I work with is trempers (eclipse and...
  2. Kristi23

    or Trade Lots of Geckos

    I had a sale fall through, so I'm offering up these geckos again. Shipping will be done as soon as it warms up (hopefully less than a month). 20% down will hold geckos. Please see my website for terms. The adult females should be getting ready to ovulate soon. All are best offer. I may be...