AFT egg help


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I woke up this morning and my new AFT female had laid an egg. I got her w few weeks ago and she had been housed with a male, the egg is really white and the two reptile stores gave a lot of help I think. I don't have an incubator, so I have tried to put together my own. The egg is sunk it a bit but there seems to be a little hole in it too when I moved it to the home made incubator. I saw someone else with a different type of gecko close the hole with bees wax, but I don't want to risk the heat killing this possible baby since the male she was with was a different breed than what I have. I've heard a buy also used some surgical glue but i don't have that either. Im hoping her next egg will not be cracked, if she lays a second one.

The egg was sunken in, which I'm guessing was because I have been having humidity issues with her cage, but I think I fixed it finally this morning so if the egg gets moisture will it be okay?


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If you can come up with a set-up where the humidity can stay high and the temperature can be steady (fluctuating less than 2 degrees) somewhere in the 82-88 degree range, then there's a chance the egg(s) will hatch. It's likely that the gecko will lay again. I have found that my hatch rates with AFT eggs are not as high as with leopard gecko eggs, for example. See how it goes. No guarantees.


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