1. G

    Is it possible to encourage a female to ovulate?

    I read somewhere online that female leopard geckos may never ovulate or lay eggs if they've never had a male around in their life. I'm not sure if that is true, but if it is, I'm curious if there is a way to encourage my female to ovulate.
  2. E

    Tremper Super Snow x Tremper Sunglow

    Hello everyone. Im confused about morphs and i need help.I have female Tremper Super Snow and Tremper Sunglow.I've paired about 2 weeks ago and i couldn't figure it out what the possible breeds i can get. I'd appreciate it if someone tell.
  3. 3

    What would I get?

    Hi all, I’m new to leopard gecko morphs and I currently have (I think) a female Mack Snow Blizzard… I’m about to purchase a Male Diablo Blanco and was wonder what would i end up with if they bred? below is a picture of my girl And the male Diablo blanco marble eyes I plan on purchasing.
  4. A

    Morph combos

    I have a leopard gecko who is possibly Mack snow, jungle, and blizzard (male), and will hopefully acquire a Creamsicle (male) and was wondering what I should pair with them. At most I will be getting 3-4 females. This is my current male, Sihtric.
  5. CinTob

    Don't Want Day Gecko Babies

    Hi All! So, the good news is that after a few months, a few mistakes, and a lot of advice, I finally feel like a competent, responsible Gecko "parent." They're only 7 months at this point, but when I bought my Crimson Days, the seller didn't want to split the male/female pair. I was happy to...
  6. C

    Giant Day Geckos

    Hello everyone. Well today I was sitting in my room and I was just getting ready to put my geckos to bed for the night. When I got up and approached the tank I noticed my geckos breeding atop one of the plants. The female got sort of nervous and moved a bit. I left the room for about a minute to...
  7. T

    Cant tell if my Leo is ovulating

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone with more experience in breeding can tell me if my Leo is in ovulation or not thanks for the help ahead of time
  8. D

    Leopard Gecko Morph and maternity question!

    So at my animal care job, we recently created a bioactive vivarium (~200 gallons) that was home to a tangerine male (very stereotypical tangerine) who unfortunately is afflicted with stargazing, as well as a female (I don’t know her morph but she’s grey with black freckles). I unfortunately...
  9. zoe11032

    How close are we to hatching?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here :) I have a quick question. I have a female leopard gecko that laid 3.26.2021. I am incubating for TSM (temp. sex males), at 88 F. When should I expect these babies to hatch? I've heard anywhere from 30-50 days. So if I put it in a calendar, what is the earliest and...
  10. I

    2 geckos one enclosure (male/female) ?

    Hello! i’m currently the owner of 3 leopard geckos (all in seperate tanks as we learned when they were young they couldn’t be roommates) Recently while going to petco to get crickets and mealworms, we were told that someone had surrendered 2 adult leopard geckos. They said they were available...
  11. Mesastalks

    Identify these morphs! I'm new

    What is this gray colored "leopard gecko" in the red circle? Or what albino morph Is the green circle? Thank you :,) newer to the geckos
  12. J

    Questions regarding pricing

    I am having difficulty deciding what to price my offspring Leopard Geckos at. I have 5 of them (video links shown below). They all came from a Super-Hypo Tangerine Carrot-Tail Baldy mother and a normal (possible Giant?) father. This is the 1st in the clutch, hatched around Easter 2019, male...
  13. zoe1103

    Possibly gravid?

    Hi! Is my female gravid? She was paired July 29th and Aug 1st. At first I thought she was ovulating now these “spots” are getting larger. I’m new to breeding so please bear with me! thank you! -Zoe
  14. JadedGeckos

    Tremper Albino x RAPTOR = result?

    Hi My name is Anton(JadedGeckos) and im abit new to breeding and morphs in general so im reading about and gotten alot of info. I have gathered all the info about breeder and such but the results in genetics are abit more tricky to get into my head. so my question is, if/when i breed my Tremper...
  15. Thexman12

    Gravid or just ovulation?

    Hello I’m new to breeding leopard geckos and put this female with my male on February 15, and was wondering since it’s been some time since they had been together. I saw him trying but never saw him actually get her. Was just wondering if you guys think she’s Gravid or just ovulating?
  16. C

    Stunted growth from birth (hatch)?

    My 9 month old leopard gecko is very small compared to her younger siblings! From day one we realized her tail tip was a little bit deformed, is there any chance that her being the first batch could have any effect on how she was born? Her two younger brothers have grown much bigger than her...
  17. Siege

    Crested/Tokay Hybrid

    For a long time I've been fascinated with hybrids, and I was hoping to ask around before starting a new project. I want to know if anyone has, or has heard of, hybridizing tokays and cresties. I know with snakes you can hybridize an arboreal python from Africa to a terrestrial colubrid from...
  18. A

    Help. My female fat tail laid one of her two eggs in her.

    She’s laid eggs before, which actually hatched yesterday, and then laid another egg yesterday within hours of the first ones hatching. When she laid the first eggs she laid them together. I’m worried that she might be egg bound. Does anybody have any suggestions or any info at all that could...
  19. P

    ALL LEOPARD GECKO BREEDING SUPPLIES- Rack, thermostat, incubator

    Homemade breeding rack that holds 20 16qt containers- I only have 17 containers There is 8 shelves but the first row is for storage and the other 7 are lined with heat tape Vivarium Electronics VE-100 thermostat Farm Innovators egg incubator I also have a few miscellaneous things...
  20. elgecko

    New Breeder In The UK.

    I joined the forum a few days ago and thought it was time to say Hi. My Grandson and I are in the process of setting up our Gecko breeding project. He has had a couple of geckos that he was given by his cousin and his interest has grown so much he has now decided he would like to move forward...