Anyone ever made a purchase from this site? (Not sure where to post)


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Corona, CA
Its a wholesale animal price as they were most likely wholesale purchased. You will not have much, if any, records on the gecko and could have come from any breeder who they purchase from. I am not saying you wont get a healthy nice gecko...just saying that if you are unsure on purchasing online and you want to be sure you get something of KNOWN quality and KNOWN lineage...then save a little longer and look at some of the reputable breeders in the hobby. We have some in the Site Sponsors up top as well as a few others who don't advertise on here. When looking to get a new gecko I think slowing down and saving to get exactly what you want is the best route. They will live for many years with proper care, don't rush or feel pressured to get the first or cheapest you can find. Quality is everything!


Ridgewood, NJ
Bigappleherp is a well known online supply company. They have a good reputation and quality items but like Travis said you're more than likely buying a wholesale gecko like you would get at any large chain pet store. IMO they would not be breeding quality. You'll also have to pay more than the gecko costs for shipping.


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You get what you pay for. But when your young or in a bad financial state its hard to come up with big money for a gecko. Save your money and take your time shopping and buy the time you have a little money saved you will come across a breeder needing to make room in his rack or in fast need of cash.