leoard geckos

  1. Harbor Reptiles

    King Zog

    KING ZOG I got the name from the anime show “Disenchantment”. Sometimes when this guy eats, he will make ‘honking’ noises as he eats! look up “king zog honking compilation”
  2. Clementinegecko

    Leopard gecko morph identification

    Hi everyone, I’ve had this leopard gecko for a while now and I was wondering if anyone here knew what morph he is ?
  3. Treavor_The_Geck

    Gecko Has Blue areas on stomach?

    Hi, I was looking over my gecko and noticed these on him/her is he/she ok? (also could someone help me ident gender?)
  4. E

    Is UVB needed if it get's D3 powder in its food?

    I'm rather new to the reptile community, and i want to be 100% sure about everything before getting a leopard gecko. I know they need calcium, D3 and multivitamins. But if they're getting D3 from the powder i sprinkle on the food, do they also need UVB lights? Isn't UVB just another source of...
  5. T

    Cant tell if my Leo is ovulating

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone with more experience in breeding can tell me if my Leo is in ovulation or not thanks for the help ahead of time
  6. A

    Bubbles behind front legs?

    I have a 10 month old male leopard gecko. I noticed a little over a month ago he had two bubble like lumps, one behind each front leg. The bumps are very soft and don’t appear to cause him pain. I had read it could mean I was over supplementing so I decreased his supplements from every feeding...
  7. W

    Female Leopard Gecko for sale!

    Hi All, I am moving abroad in 2022 and sadly have no way of bringing my leopard gecko with me, thus, I am selling my her, Lionel, along with the 40 gallon tank and all accessories for $199. Lionel is eight years old, incredibly hardy, very loving, and struts with positivity. It's simple, but...
  8. A

    Supplementation Questions

    I am new to leo keeping and am finding A LOT of conflicting information about vitamin supplementation. One site said dust with calcium every feeding and add a multivitamin twice a week while other have said that a multivitamin like Reptivite is all you need when dusted daily. I guess my question...
  9. A

    Blindness in leopard gecko?

    My gecko is a 5-6 month old male and recently I have noticed some odd behaviors that make me believe he can’t see well. If tong fed he often misses the food even if I hold very still. Similarly if I get the “small” mealworms instead of the large he can’t seem to find them in the bowl even if...
  10. O

    my absolute model of a leo.

  11. O

    just redid my leo’s enclosure! what do y’all think? :)

  12. I

    MBD gecko not eating

    i have a leopard gecko with MBD. She has one leg that she pretty much walks more on her forearm now, but all 3 other joints are still perfectly healthy. She is honestly really chunky with a huge tail, loves being held every night, and has a lot of energy. lately i’ve realized she really isn’t...
  13. S

    Just curious…is my setup ok?

    Heya! V new to all this but have done a ton of research! Got a gecko today after overhyping ages and switching vivariums until I found this one with a gecko! The setup I have is a 3 1/2ft vivarium, wooden with a 2ft glass window at the top! I have a ceramic heater, a heat mat, a red bulb for...
  14. N

    Humidity set up for a new owner

    Hello everyone! I am new to reptiles (not new to small animal pets/pets in general though) and I have done a lot of research on leopard geckos. I have found that the ideal ambient humidity for them is no greater than 40%, but I live in an area that has a 76% average year-round humidity (with...
  15. L

    Can someone identify this morph please

    Hey all, tried to post this but there was a issue. So we recently got this gecko after they were rehomed to us. The past owners dont know the morph and were curious if you guys may know? They are just going to be a pet like the other leopard geckos but we know their morphs but not this one I...
  16. EricCartman

    What Is The Best Sand Substrate?

    I'm cleaning my leopard gecko's enclosure, and I want to know what the best sand substrate to use is. I have blue sand currently in her enclosure (I think it is called vita sand). When she walks around her feet look blue from the sand which I think is funny, but I want to know what sand is...
  17. dogplanes

    Food Refusal. Need Advice

    My leopard gecko, Archie (male), is about a year old (14 months, I think). I got him last september from a good breeder. He has always eaten mealworms. Now, I know leos can be notoriously picky, but I still worry, because he has gone mostly off feed for about 2 weeks now, out of the blue. At one...
  18. M

    Gecko eating moss in moist hide

    Hi, I have a leopard gecko, she is around 2/3 years old, I bought her off someone when she was about 1. The old owner used paper towel on the bottom of the tank, there were 2 hides, non of which were moist. I swapped the paper towel on the floor for some reptile carpet which is fine, she also...
  19. D

    Feeding advice/ help!

    Hello! This is our Leo! He all of a sudden stopped eating 4 weeks ago and has not had a meal since!! He has shed within that time and ate his skin but still refuses to even look at a single meal worm. I am at a complete loss after trying lots of different things and just want to see if anyone...
  20. X

    Hey, Pet***** Screw you.

    Hey. This is long, but important. So be patient. Last September me and my girlfriend, who had just moved in together, finally bought our first reptile. We were inexperienced, but had done as much research as we could, saved up our money, picked a date, ran the tank for weeks getting the temps...