Gecko not eating


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Hello, I bought a leopard gecko a couple of weeks ago, I am not sure of her age but my guesstimate is around 1.5-2 years old. Her warm side is at 97 and her cool side is around 74-71. She has a tile substrate and sphagnum moss in her moist hide. I keep fresh spring water and her calcium supplement in her cage at all times. She is currently being housed with another gecko, Peach, that I’ve had for about 6 months now, who eats fine and has perfectly okay stool. However, Monkey, the one I have just adopted has not been eating since I got her. I introduced the geckos before housing them together and they did fine together. They leave each other alone for the most part, only crossing paths every once in a while. Monkey usually sleeps in the moist hide all day while peach is more active and then Monkey gets active at night. Monkey drinks water fine and I do have a mealworm bowl in the enclosure. I’ve tried offering her super worms, mealworms, waxworms and crickets. I just haven’t seen her eat and she Appears to have lost some weight since I got her. Earlier tonight she seemed to dry heave and shake her head but nothing came out. Should I be concerned? Is this normal behavior?


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This is not normal behavior, it could be because she is with another Leo and is uncomfortable they are solitary animals. You should try separating them and seeing if that helps


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Cool down the hot side a bit, especially if you see that they aren't spending time there. I do think the idea of separating them and seeing how she does by herself is a good one. In general, new geckos should be quarantined from the one(s) you already have for at least a month to insure that no one is sick. If your gecko continues to lose weight when you separate her and especially if she has diarrhea, take her to a vet to be tested for parasites. At this point you'll have to get them both tested.


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