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Ich habe mir vor gestern einen Kronengecko gekauft (auf der Terraristika). Ich habe mich vorher auch gut informiert aber Tagsüber liegt er nur rum, was natürlich nicht verwunderlich ist weil er schläft, aber wenn er aufwacht setzt er sich auf den Boden und starrt die Kork rückwand an. Da ich noch Schüler bin und nicht jede Stunde nachts gucken kann ob der gegessen hat mache ich mir etwas Sorgen. Ist das normal?

Vielen Dank schon mal im Vorraus


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Here is this in English:
"I bought a crested gecko yesterday (at the Terraristika). I informed myself well beforehand, but during the day he just lies around, which of course is not surprising because he is asleep, but when he wakes up he sits on the floor and stares at the cork back wall. Since I'm still a student and can't look every hour at night to see if he's eaten, I'm a little worried. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance"

Here is my answer (in English):
It's often hard to tell whether crested geckos have eaten. I almost never saw my first crested gecko eat and he's now 16 years old. You could put a little on his nose and see if he licks it off. It's more of a worry that he's staying on the ground. Can he climb at all? I think your best bet is to find a gecko expert in your country and have a conversation with them to make sure everything is OK, or to find a reptile vet and have a visit.


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