Gecko won’t leave humid hide


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Hi this is my first time posting on here so I hope I don’t mess anything up.
I got a new baby albino leopard gecko around 2 months ago and so far he’s been very healthy and happy. I have a 20 gallon tank set up with a cool hide (80in the day), warm hide (90) and a humid hide with damp spagnum moss in the middle. I originally tried red sand as substrate but when I found sand in his poop I immediately switched to repti-carpet for fear of impaction. Before I replaced the sand he would switch between the hides, but now he spends all his time in his humid hide. I assumed it was because he was shedding, but it’s been a few days since his last shed and he still hasn’t left (except to eat and poo). Is this normal behavior? Is there any way I can get him to continue exploring his tank?


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What usually happens with juvenile geckos especially is that when you first get them they spend a lot of time exploring and kind of mapping out the tank. Then, often, they pick a favorite spot and spend nearly all their time there. For example, I have a pair of 3 year old geckos in an enclosure. They had found spots where they liked to be. Then I added a new cave (the kind with magnets where you can pull off the outside piece to see the gecko inside). One of them has fallen in love with that spot and is in there nearly all the time. Humid hides often are very attractive to geckos. They may spend huge amounts of time in one hide for months and then fall out of love with it and choose another place. All totally normal!


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