Leo might need a new home, what do I do?


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My 5 year old leopard gecko, Lena, hasn’t been eating lately and my parents think we need to rehome her. I got her from a breeder at a reptile convention when she was a few months old and she’s never had any problems except for not eating at times. Well, she’s had eyesight issues which affect her ability to eat but I know eyesight is a common issue amongst leos. But we’ve been handling her eating habits like how she won’t eat anything but three mealworms for two weeks or she’ll eat 15 once a week. She’s never been consistent even though we’ve tried. I go to college an hour away from home, so my parents have been caring for Lena for a year and they can’t stand the feeding issues and my dad says we need to find some options to rehome her within the near future. I don’t want to, but it’s not really my choice because I’m not the one taking care of her anymore. I’ve searched all over the internet and I still don’t know what to do about this because I can’t find any rescues or places I can surrender a possibly sick gecko, and I do not feel comfortable selling her or giving her away to someone just willynilly, and I really don’t want to ship her anywhere. What do I do?


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Here are some suggestions to consider:
-- offer a different feeder if you haven't tried that already. Some gecko who are being fed mealworms, for example, get sick of them because they don't move as much and react much better to crickets or superworms
--consider a vet visit so the gecko can get tested for parasites and get looked over in general
--adavertise on craigslist. Ideally you'd have had the gecko tested for the usual parasites as well as cryptosporidiosis, so you could assure a new owner that the gecko does not have these problems. You could say in the ad that you'd prefer someone with gecko keeping experience. You could offer it for a very low fee (like $5-10 just to make sure someone isn't trying to make off with something for free that they won't care for well.
--if you're going to be home for the summer, see if your parents can hold out till the end of the semester and maybe you can spend some time this summer trying different feeders and figuring out what's going on.


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