Leopard gecko eating is off...


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I don’t know if I should be posting this on this part but I need help...

so my leopard gecko is about7 months old I have had her for a month cause I adopted her off someone else.....

For the past month she’s been eating really really well

but now starting this week her food schedule went off so on Thursday I would feed her meal worms but she only at four compared to the 12 she usually eats....then Saturday she ate 11which is really close to what she usually eats the on Monday it was cricket day and she only ate one so I thought ok she will eat her normal amount of food today but once again she only ate four meal worms

And she’s really really hyper climbing things climbing me up walking around more so I know she’s not feeling well and she’s not shedding


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Somerville, MA
She's young to be ovulating but it's a possibility. I find that leopard geckos have a wide range of behaviors and they can act a certain way for awhile and then act a different way. I don't think there's really any way to know whether or not a gecko is feeling well unless they are lethargic and won't open their eyes. I also find that some geckos can eat a lot for a period of time and then barely eat anything. I recommend that you keep offering food and try not to worry if she isn't eating consistently unless you see that she's losing a lot of weight. You could always make a reptile vet appointment if you're really worried.

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