Leopard gecko hasn't pooped in about 2 weeks


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- Sex: Male
- Age & Weight: He is about 4 years old and I do not know his weight
- How long have you owned your leo: About a year but he was a gift from my friend who had him for 3 years
- Where was he/she obtained (ex. Pet store, breeder, wild caught, friend) My friend got him from a petstore

A) Health/History
- How often do you handle your leo: Pretty often it depends how much he sleeps in a day
- Is your leo acting any different today? If so how does he/she normally act which differs from now: He has been acting completely normal
- Has he/she had any problems in the past, if so please describe: Not that I know of
B) Fecals
- Describe: Last time he pooped he pooped 2 large poops and urates in one go but before that everything was normal
- When was the last time he/she went: I can't remember because I didn't think this would be a problem but I think it has been almost 2 weeks
C) Problem
- Please briefly describe the problem and how long it has been going on: He hasn't pooped in about 2 weeks even though he has been eating perfectly fine and acting normal.

A) Enclosure
- Size 20 gal
- Type (ex. glass tank) glass tank
- Type of substrate reptile carpet
- Hides, how many, what kind: 4 hides, a log and 2 caves built into the background rock things and a moist hide but he likes to sleep on top of the caves.
B) Heating
- Heat source: Heat lamp and under tank heaters
- Cage temps (hot side, cool side) During the day the temp is 86 on warm side and like 80 on cold side and at night 80 on warm side and like 75 or a little higher on cold side.
- Method of regulating heat source: Thermostat
- What are you using to measure your temps: Thermostat
- Do you have any lights: I want to get a uvb bulb but my dad bought a regular reptile light bulb for the cold side
C) Cage mates
- How many (males, females) None
- Describe health, or previous problems: None

Describe Diet:
A) Typical diet
- What you're feeding (how often, how much) I was giving him mealworms for a while because I hate crickets but I got some crickets for him recently, He gets like 3 or 4 decent sized mealworms every 3 days or 3 or 4 large crickets every 3 days.
- How are you feeding (hand fed, left in dish, ect) Hand feeding
B) Supplements (describe how often) I need to get a calendar to keep track but I cover the bugs in rep-cal for most the time and a few times a month he gets them covered in vitamin powder.
- What vitamin/minerals are you using (list brands)rep-cal
- What are you gut loading food with: I only have potatoes right now but i give them any fruit or veggie I have at the time.
I have been giving him warm baths for about 15 minutes for the past 3 days while rubbing his stomach because I have been reading a lot of things online because I am so worried about him :^(
His heat pads and tank are the same temp but lately he hasn't been laying on his heat pads at all


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