health issues

  1. N

    Baby Crested gecko fell

    Hello! I'm a new owner of two baby cresties. They are eating amazingly well and I have had them for a little over a week now. I decided to try a really short handling session with them both. One took to it well and let me hand walk it for a minute then got put back in. The other decided to hurl...
  2. G

    Leo Tail Injury- HELP!

    Hey guys! I'm new here and looking for advice. My four ish month old leo is having tail trouble... It started as a little red nip kind of thing at the very tip of her tail, and in a week it's turned into this... I don't know how bad it is or what to do, I'm a first time reptile owner. Help!
  3. G

    Repost: Sick Gecko URGENT

    REPOST: "Hello everyone! I hope one of you will be able to help me out as I don't have a reptile vet near me. I took them to the closest "exotic vet" which had no idea what to do. So I have two Leopard geckos which we will call A and B for privacy reasons. Both geckos are roughly 4 - 5 years I...
  4. J

    Vent problems

    My adult male leapord gecko has been licking his vent constantly. I have been giving him baths and was examining his vent today and found some dried skin that I removed. I also saw this red irritated bump and I’m not quite sure what’s going on or what to do. Any help much appreciated.
  5. A

    Unknown Sac In My Leopard Geckos Tank! Please Help!

    Hi I am new here and I wanted others advice and help on my leopard gecko. I owned my leopard gecko for about 3 years now and I have always thought it was a male until recently. About 2 weeks ago my leopard gecko refused to eat. It wouldnt take my gut loaded meal worms so i brought out the wax...
  6. X

    Hey, Pet***** Screw you.

    Hey. This is long, but important. So be patient. Last September me and my girlfriend, who had just moved in together, finally bought our first reptile. We were inexperienced, but had done as much research as we could, saved up our money, picked a date, ran the tank for weeks getting the temps...
  7. zackaroo

    Leopard gecko hasn't pooped in about 2 weeks

    - Sex: Male - Age & Weight: He is about 4 years old and I do not know his weight - How long have you owned your leo: About a year but he was a gift from my friend who had him for 3 years - Where was he/she obtained (ex. Pet store, breeder, wild caught, friend) My friend got him from a petstore...
  8. Maplense

    Leopard gecko eye issue help

    I have a male leopard gecko that I’ve had for almost three years now. Just recently noticed his left eye almost looks as if his pupil and iris and separated from his eye?? I’ve attached some videos to this. I’ve looked all over online and haven’t found anything similar. Please help i just want...
  9. BellaBrownies

    My 8 Year old female is not taking food

    Problem: I have had my Gecko (meejee, 8, female) for 8 years and she has never had any complications. I have been housing her and feeding her the same way throughout her entire life. I don't know what is happening now that is effecting her, but she is no longer taking food from me. I can't just...
  10. J

    Help Me!!!!!

    I have had this ball python for around 6 months, I picked it up from a local Non-commercial breeder. Over last few weeks I have noticed a strange almost like a slice down its belly about 3/4 of the way down its body. Can some one give me some advise on what to do and what it might be? It would...