Picked up a weak, 20 gram leopard gecko at the petstore.


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I was visiting the family owned pet store I love because they take great care of their animals. However, today I saw this leopard gecko that was so malnourished, i thought it was dead in the tank. Apparently he was dropped off by people who didnt want him anymore. Why he was for sale instead of being nursed to health by the store, I don't know. I told an employee that i was worried for him, that he looked very hungry and starved. She just said "he has worms in his cage, he just doesnt want to eat".....

I need some feedback on how to keep him strong. Hes already eating mealworms/super worms (he ate 5 mealworms and 2 supers!). He is on a heat mat (which he loves) and in a 10 gallon tank. I'm also giving him calcium. I have 2 females already in a separate tank, they're curious about him :)

1st pic is him at the store.


2nd is him in his new 10 gallon tank.


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It's good that he's eating. Hopefully he's just been poorly treated and just needs to be properly housed and fed. Keep him far away from your other geckos and handle him last. Wash your hands well after you handle him. Find a reptile vet and get him tested for cryptosporidiosis (if you're not sure what that is, google it) which can be done with a swab to the vent. Since you have other geckos, it's really important that you know whether or not he has this contagious and ultimately fatal disease.



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For anyone wanting info on what may assist,...... I keep a bag of Carnivore Care in the freezer. This is a nutritionally complete, premium recovery food which improves poor nutritional status. I mix some in water to get the consistency I want and with a rubber tip on a needless syringe, and slowly feed them. Sometimes I put drops on their nose for them to lick off. If your lucky you can drop some more when their tongue is out. For my Elly-may this has helped stimulate her appetite when she was not eating - she got use to her belly being full again. Hope this helps :)

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