1. GeckoNewb

    GUIDANCE NEEDED juvenile albino leopard gecko

    I’m new to owning a gecko and have an Albino Leopard gecko. He is very sensitive to light so I don’t have a basic heat lamp. I have a UTH a black light heat lamp for night time and I just purchased a lightless ceramic heater for the day time. He is in a ten gallon tank. I have two thermometers...
  2. G

    Unhealthy Leopard Gecko (Please Help ASAP!)

    Hello everyone! I hope one of you will be able to help me out as I don't have a reptile vet near me. I took them to the closest "exotic vet" which had no idea what to do. So I have two Leopard geckos which we will call A and B for privacy reasons. Both geckos are roughly 4 - 5 years I believe...
  3. C

    leo food preference change

    so ive had my leo for just over a week now. she was on a strictly mealworm diet and was eating mealworms all up until today. i fed her a cricket last feeding and she wiggled her tail in excitement and then stopped with mealworms. i had one last cricket left and thats all she would eat and turns...
  4. C

    any albino leo tips??

    so ive had my enclosure for a leo set for months and have done all my research and planned on getting a leo soon. turns out theres an expo in town tomorrow and one well loved leo breeder has all albinos. i didn’t previously intend on getting an albino leo but i researched and there isn’t really...
  5. Sarcasticghost

    Gecko Won’t Eat?

    Hello, I work at a petstore and a customer came in looking to surrender their leopard gecko to the store. The store doesn’t take in animals but I decided to take it home. I was informed they got it 7 months ago and that it didn’t eat much and had trouble catching bugs. Looking at it is...
  6. BellaBrownies

    Picked up a weak, 20 gram leopard gecko at the petstore.

    I was visiting the family owned pet store I love because they take great care of their animals. However, today I saw this leopard gecko that was so malnourished, i thought it was dead in the tank. Apparently he was dropped off by people who didnt want him anymore. Why he was for sale instead of...
  7. H

    Male or female

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if my gecko is Male or female? Not the greatest photos but he/she is super nervous haha. Thank you
  8. A

    New gecko fan and owner!

    Hey all! I've recently just gotten into gecko's. They've always been interesting for me but never really got into them...until a few months ago. I started out with a crested gecko, Keru, and have a bioactive vivarium for him. I just recently rescued a juvenile leopard gecko from someone I...
  9. S

    100 gallon leopard gecko bio active tank

    Hi guys I have 6 female leopard geckos in a custom tank I'm having 10 max later on and I have natural coconut fiber as sub and :main_laugh: I been talking to leopardgecko on YouTube and she has helped a lot I have natural meal worms breeding in the tank geckos hunt crickets that are born in the...
  10. K Kingston

    AFT owner with 2 leopard babies in AR

    Hello, I Krystal here in Arkansas, US. I have 3 African Fat Tailed geckos that are doing very well. I got them from an online breeder and I received them as of breeding age and weight so they are approximately 10 months old now. I'm not planning to breed them but that is how the online breeder...
  11. R

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hi, my name is Sean. I'm from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I've been lurking here for a while, but finally decided to join due to my recent interest in breeding Leopard Geckos. I've got quite a few different animals in my mini zoo: 1.1 Phelsuma laticauda 0.0.3 Phyllobates terribilis (Yellow) (Golden...
  12. B


    Good evening, everyone. My name is Nate and I just got my first leopard gecko two days ago. I posted in the leopard gecko care forum about my setup asking for advice. I have two dogs, three cats, three ball pythons, fish, a bearded dragon, albino ratsnake, and a rosehair tarantula. House is...
  13. M

    leopard gecko impaction or not

    Hi guys so I just switched my leopard gecko to eco earth because she's about to lay and I saw some youtubes use it for years without problems and she's pooped today and yesterday so I was just wandering if this is impaction or not please help
  14. L

    New pet?

    Can anyone suggest a reptile that could live in a 10 gallon tank? (besides a leopard gecko) It has to be low maintenance, and smaller... and not a snake!
  15. K

    dipping my toes in

    Hey all, My son (17) and I have been discussing another pet to add to the "family". Currently we have a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire terrier cross) and about 2 dozen different species of tarantulas. After discussing and debating on which pet would be next, we settings on the leopard gecko...
  16. M

    Hello, I've got two leopard geckos

    Hello, I've had two female leopard geckos for almost 6 months now. A mother & daughter; Instagram And our viv looks a bit like this; Instagram I'm on here looking for some advice on heat lamps as I don't think my heat mat alone is sufficient.
  17. V

    Howdy from Oregon!

    Howdy! Well, the title says it, I'm an Oregonian. I've started doing research on leopard geckos, and a few months from now I'd like to adopt or buy a leopard gecko. The more I learn about them (though basic it is) the more excited I get! I'm more of a tarantula/snake person (though I don't have...
  18. C


    Hello everybody, I just joined the Forum a couple days ago after I decided to purchase my first two Leopard Geckos.
  19. J

    First Time Gecko Parents

    Good Morning, Can you help me identify my new little one? I believe the lady might have told me incorrectly. She said these were Fancy Leopard Geckos. Help!
  20. acpart

    Gecko Time is back!

    The Gecko Time website was down for a few days but it's back now. The latest article, about the Noir Desir leopard gecko eye trait, is definitely worth reading: Noir Desir - The New Recessive Trait with Leopard Geckos - Gecko Time - Gecko Time Aliza