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Los Angeles
I work for Dr. Geoff Stein in beverly hills, california I have seen him treat and save the lives of many reptiles and other animals. Our most interest patient was a crocodile from a wildlife santuary. Highly recommended.

Dr. Geoff Stein
351 N. Foothill Rd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 550-0101


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Middle of nowhere, Ohio
The list on the sticky is a good starting point. Does anyone else have personal recommendations of a vet near Lima or Findlay Ohio? There is a shortage of reptile vets in the area and I'm not sure that driving my leo all the way to columbus or toledo would be the best thing for her seeing as how she's already not eating for unknown reasons and the added stress probably wouldn't do her any favors. help?


Juneau, AK, USA
Good Boston Herp Vet

I have had a good experience with my leo last year at the MSCPA-Angell animal medical center in Boston, with exotic-pet specialist Dr. Jennifer Graham. She was very gentle and kind with my gecko; they had a special scale in there for weighing small crawly things, and Dr. Graham even had a new vet tech in the room to show her how to properly handle geckos; it is always good to see a vet practice care about training their staff first-hand. Plus, Dr. Graham really took the time to ask about my care of my gecko and make sure I was doing stuff right, because she obviously cared about my pet and wanted to know that I was caring for it correctly and had all the knowledge I needed to do so. A class act.

Also a little expensive--for an exam and a heath certificate (I was moving out of state) it was like $125 but honestly I thought it was worth it. When my gecko threw up in the subway on the way home, I didn't even know that they could do that, so I panicked and called the vet again, and got a return call within about 5 minutes listening to me about the problem, then reassuring me that everything was fine, and asking me to call back if she didn't start eating within 24 h of vomiting.

If I had any other health problems with my leo I'd bring her there ASAP.

I did not need to take advantage of this since my leo was not sick, but they have special recovery areas for your reptiles if they need to do surgery on them or something.

As far as I can tell pretty much all of Dr. Graham's training and accreditation has centered around exotic pets, so she knows what she's talking about.

They have about 2 zillion specialty divisions at the MSPCA vet hospital, so when you call be sure you get the exotics/reptile people.

As far as I can tell they are really the only reptile vets in the greater Boston area, although not in MA.

Angell Animal Medical Center
350 S. Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02130 Phone
(617) 522-7282


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Elizabethville, PA
St. Francis Animal Clinic
1225 W. Spruce St. Coal Township Pa, 17866

Just wanted to share this for those in the PA - Shamokin area. We had been to the one in Coal Township and the staff there was incredably nice, easy to find, and the prices were really reasonable. They also have an office in Danville.

We had Dr. Gilbert when we were there. This lady knows her stuff, we were really impressed.
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im trying to find a good vet to take a leo to just for check ups and in case of an emergency in indianapolis indiana. Also i wanted to know what a checkup would cost in range?

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