Terrarium suggestions


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I just got an adult female leopard gecko a few days ago and I'm hoping I could get some suggestions on what is and isn't set up correctly in the terrarium.
This is everything I have right now:

- 20 gallon glass tank
- 6" x 8" UTH
- Thermostat for UTH (set to 90 F at all times)
- Terrarium liner
- Water dish
- Tupperware container with moist paper towel for moist hide (on cool side of terrarium)
- Two half log hides (one on cool side and one on the warm side)
- 75W basking spot lamp (for daytime)
- 75W black incandescent heat bulb (for nighttime)
- Zoo med combo mini deep dome clamp lamp fixture

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance


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Somerville, MA
Congrats on your gecko to be! In general everything sounds good. Unless your gecko will be in a room with no ambient light, you probably don't need all the lighting. Some people feel they should give their leopard gecko an opportunity to bask and some don't do it. I don't think you need the black bulb. One thing I worry about is that all the lights will dry out and overheat the air in the enclosure. They do come from an arid climate, but they often are in crevices where it's more humid. Some vets are concerned that the extreme dryness could dehydrate the gecko and lead to eye problems (i.e. from overly dry eyes). I'm assuming you have also gotten calcium with vitamin D3. Enjoy your gecko.


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