Thank (only some of) you!!


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palmetto FL
0.0 u dont want that answer.

On a side note, can we please get over the whole "he didn't like mine but he liked hers" WHO GIVES A FLYING FRUIT. I don't, they don't like me then screw em. I could care |-| < that much. JUST that much. Geez.

I dont like you so im gonna skip you over HAHA MWAHHAHAHA Ive done total damage to you, MWAHAHAHAHA

Please, so they didnt thank you but they thanked everyone else, if its intentional, then they just showed how childish they can really be and by responding to in like this is just feeding it. If it was an accident then ohwell. THE THANKS MEANS NOTHING. Ill thank someone i hate if it means they will leave me alone.

Russ S

New Jersey
I would just like to "thank" everyone that posted on this thread for making me want to go to the store and buy one of every candy bar just so I can decide once and for all which is my favorite.

Thanks a lot!!!