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  • Hello Herp
    saw the list that said your in florida was hoping that your close to orlando or in orlando

    Thanks Scott
    Hey bro, can you let me know how much you pay for the female Red Stripe Emerine? I am looking for one, JMG is probably the place where I will bought them, just need to know the price, thank you!
    I have licensing for South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana only. I thought Florida required 2.000 hours of documented training but I could be mistaken. Here is where you will find out. Florida Game and Fish Com.
    620 South Meridian Street
    Tallahassee, Fla. 32399-1600
    Or Call 1 904 723-1225

    These folks will give you the up to date information of requirements and limitations etc. I am almost finished with my book and it has all the information in it except for requirements. The laws change every time some one gets bit so I left that part out.
    I hope this helps. Joel
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