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  • Wow, you have some VERY beautiful tangs & sunglows, they are just awesome, soooo orange!! I wish I could buy 1 from you, but I barly have the money to buy the 1 I am now :(
    I'm so excited that I happened to find you here on the forums just so I can tell you that I am madly in love with your tangerine geckos! They are probably the most stunning shade of orange that I have ever seen. And I only feel sorry that I don't have the money to spend on one of those beauties at this time, but hopefully soon. So congratulations on having such a gorgeous collection of geckos! :)
    thank you jason so much i have set up my racks and i got new hides and everything that i will need that you so much and god bless you
    Hello, I'm Carlo from italy, i remember u had also a DB project, i see u have a raptor het BB, i m looking for a BB het Raptor...nothing to do?
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