crested gecko

  1. D

    My current tank setup

    hey all! i just wanted to show my new setup for my baby cresties (okay, maybe more juvies? they are about 5-6 months now, the smallest is 3,6gramms, the other two are 4,5 and 6,8 gr) i know the tank isn't ideal, but i'm pretty sure it'll be alright for a while, until they grow and i can save up...
  2. D

    morph guide? (also, what morph are these?)

    these three little ones will move in with me this weekend i'm getting them for free from a private breeder, who said because they don't have their tails, nobody will want them BUT how can you not fall in love with these tiny little things? :) i am really bad at telling their colors apart, and...
  3. M

    Setting up a heat lamp for my crestie

    Hello all! I got my first reptile pet, a crested gecko named Lunari, back in August. In the summer time our inside temperatures were warm enough for her but now it's winter (Nebraska winter, brrrrrr), and I'm needing to set up some sort of heat lamp for her. However, I've read that...
  4. L

    Crested Gecko

    Hello! I am looking to rehome my 2 year old Crestie. His name is Icarus and he is a tri-color Harlequin Crested Gecko. He is an awesome dude, but unfortunately I'm moving and need to find him a new home. He is a beautiful guy, and flames up quite often. He is very active at night, and like to...
  5. P

    First time poster. Gecko size difference?

    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I know that cresties do best when housed with like sized friends (or alone). I also know that no two geckos are the same and many of them just LOVE to break the rules of conventional wisdom (they're just like kids in that way). However, "like-sized"...
  6. S

    Hello from Canada! (Crested Gecko Owner)

    Hello everyone, my name is Shannon! As you can see from the thread name I am indeed from Canada. I am major animal lover but more specifically, I am a huge reptile lover. I am currently in College for 3D animation but I work at a Pet shop as an animal care associate. Animals have always been...
  7. K

    Should my crested put on some weight?

    He is sitting at 57 grams. I always offer him CGD but he never seems to enjoy it. He always enjoys live food.
  8. J

    Crested Gecko for Adoption NYC--Looking for Loving Home

    Hello to all, Unfortunately we are no longer able to keep the crested gecko we have in our household. I am looking for an ultra responsible caring loving experienced super-duper great person to welcome him into their household for the rest of his life. We love him, and it is our ultimate wish...
  9. J

    Crested Gecko Biting

    Hi guys, I'm a new crested gecko owner - he is 4 years old (and super cute). I've had him a few weeks. I gave him a few days to settle into his new home and then started playing with him. He was incredibly tame, very chilled with me, happy to hand walk and crawl up onto my shoulder. Last week I...
  10. ChelsyKozy


    Im Chelsy! Im from Northern California. I have owned an adult Crested Gecko for two years, a Tokay Gecko for one year, and a Juvenile Gargoyle Gecko for about a month now. I love basically all reptiles except snakes. Crestie is named Rusty. Tokay is Toothless but I always end up calling her Miss...
  11. C

    Heating / Lighting crested gecko help

    Hello! So after researching and purchasing everything necessary since February, I went to a reptile expo this past weekend and am now the proud owner of a juvenile Crestie! Hes gorgeous :3 . He's a good size, and even though hes not eating the respashy I purchased, he did eat a few crickets...
  12. F

    Crested Gecko Setup

    Hey everyone. I've made some posts here and their but I wanna get all my other questions answered here. Please only leave a reply if you're knowledgeable about the questions asked. I got my crested gecko three days ago and I've run into some small problems. Hopefully I can get them sorted out so...
  13. D

    Humane way to euthanize a gecko.

    Hi everybody, I have just joined this website with sad news. My four year old crested gecko is extremely sick and I think it's time to put him down. I love him to death, and I hate to see him suffering like this. He's had MBD for about two weeks now and his condition has only gone downhill. He's...
  14. F

    Crested Gecko Housing?

    So I will be getting a crested gecko in a few weeks. I don't know how old they are at Pet Smart but they look like babies or juveniles. If I'm housing 1 can I keep it in a large KK until it's a sub adult and then move him/her to a 18" x 18" x 24" terrarium? O and what weight in grams would...
  15. J2Reptiles

    Leopard Geckos FOR SALE - J2REPTILES

    Please check out our Facebook page We have Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos available right now. Thanks!
  16. B

    Help With A Morph?

    Hello! I just bought my first Crestie today. I'm not quite sure of the morph yet. I'm thinking tiger/dalmatian or maybe brindle.. Does anyone know? I know it might be hard to tell from these pictures, but I didn't wanna stress Thorn out by taking too many pictures.
  17. C

    Crestie Terrarium

    Good afternoon! I have a crestie, probably about ~7-8 inches in length. Currently, she is living in a 12x12x18 Zoo Med tank. I decided it is time for an upgrade and the tank is getting small for her. I decided I wanted to build my own tank! I went to my brothers, who has all the tools! Bought...
  18. A

    Cresties Mating or Fighting?!?! HELP!

    Hi guys! So I have a situation. I purchased a crested gecko which I named Miku about a year and nine months ago and believed it was a female this entire time. I decided to get it a little buddy about a month ago. I then purchased a female who is a year and a couple months old and named her...
  19. cherishedtiger

    Crested Geckos for Sale!

    Lots of young crested geckos for sale!!! (Lots more to choose from, too many to post!!!) Please check us out, lots to choose from, flames, harlequins, extreme harlequins, dalmations. All eating CGD and dusted gut loaded crickets. You can check us out online at Cherished Geckos -...
  20. T

    Wanted female crested geckos

    I am looking for females crested geckos that are RTB or will soon be RTB. Specifically Dalmatian or red dalmatian, BUT i would like any other morph as well You can email me at [email protected] if you have any offers :main_thumbsup: thankss!!