crested gecko

  1. J

    UK Newbie!

    Hey there! Just a newbie from the UK and currently have the cutest (well in my eyes) crested gecko and her name is Ella. She's doing fine, eating well so she is the joy of my life . However, my previous luck with geckos hasn't been all that good.. Unfortunately I lost my much loved Leopard...
  2. Blister

    A Few Nice Unsexed Crested Geckos

    I have several 2012's I'd love to move to great homes. These kids are all feeding great on Repashy's diet and calcium dusted crickets. If you have any questions or to see photos of what's available please email me at [email protected] or visit my facebook page at : J&J Reptiles | Facebook...
  3. K

    My crested Gekco is acting weird

    I have an adult female crested, she is about 2.5 years old. About three days ago I noticed she stopped eating, but still drank I wasn't to worried because I new it was about time for her to shed. But today I had to help her with her shedding... she has no energy, and her muscles kept spasming...
  4. D

    Hi :)

    Hi my name is Andrew and im from Norfolk UK. I have just bought my first crested gecko and am looking for advice on building an ambitious Vivarium. My blogspot is Thanks :)
  5. R

    Crseted Geckos for sale :D

    5 crested geckos for sale all male and 1 female 1 Red Harley Male, 1 Extreme Harley Male,1 Harley Male, 1 Tiger Male, and 1 Extreme Harley Female! all for $550 SHIPPED! prefer to sell as a group, great looking bunch! need a home :D -ryan (386)-243-2567
  6. J


    I have this adult male crested gecko, partial Harly dark brown when fired up cheap only 30 = 50 dollar shipping.
  7. Cresteds~

    Last year baby cresteds for sale

    Reese $100 weight: 3.5 grams
  8. Cresteds~

    Last year baby cresteds for sale

    (Prices do not include shipping fee ($50) Dino $80 weight: 2.8 gr
  9. L

    .:Crested Gecko:.

    I have been wanting to buy a crestie for about, I don't know, a year maybe? Any way, all the people I've asked either never responded, said they sold it, or asked for a price well over what I can pay. That's when someone recommended me I came here, found the Classifieds (with...
  10. L

    New-ish and cluless

    Never mind! Justindh1 helped me out. c:
  11. A

    Crested Gecko's

    Crested Gecko's for sale. 50 dollars, for local pick up only Buffalo NY, until weather get warmer. [email protected] I have more pictures, its not letting me post them right now.
  12. K

    Crested Gecko and 1st time reptile owner

    This is my first time caring for a reptile, and i want everything to go smoothly. I noticed that she has not eaten any crickets in the past three days. Is there any good ways to get her comfortable with this so she will eat them?
  13. A

    New to site and I need advice...

    Hi im new to forums and this website. I recently was told by a friend that if ever needed advice on reptile related questions, a forum would be my best bet. Recently I've noticed one of crested geckos has a slight budge in his eye. Its not very noticeable, but looking carefully, its quite...
  14. G

    Caring for Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus Ciliatus)

    Housing One crested gecko can be housed in a tall 10-gallon tank until it reaches 4 months of age. After the age of 4 months, a crested gecko must be housed in a minimum 20-gallon tank. When housing Crested Geckos together, make sure you have 10-gallons per gecko, meaning 3 geckos can be...
  15. S

    New Crestie!!!

    Hey guys! I just picked up a new crested gecko. He/She is 3 month old. Morph and name suggestions are appreciated! Sorry for the poor quality pics. Thanks!