1. R

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO: Fresno, CA July 23-24, 2016

    Reptilian Nation Expo is now 2x a year in Fresno, CA. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arachnids sold by breeders directly to the public. Venomous Snakes Shows and Exhibits! LOCATION Fresno Fairgrounds 1121 S. Chance Ave. Fresno, CA 93702 TICKETS Adult $10 Children (3-11) $7 VIP $25 (9am Sat...
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    Reptilian Nation Expo is now 2x a year and is being held at the Fresno Fairgrounds in Fresno, CA on July 23 (10am-6pm) and July 24 (10am-5pm), 2016. Come see 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and supplies for sale to the public at below retail prices! Buy directly from well known...
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    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO : Fresno, CA- Jan. 30-31, 2016

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO January 30, 2016 (10am-6pm) January 31, 2016 (10am-5pm) FRESNO FAIRGROUNDS Commerce Building 1121 S. Chance Ave.Fresno, CA 93702 WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA -Tons of reptiles, amphibians, and...
  4. S

    Heating Problems

    So I recently moved to a new place and now my cresti and I live in a basement, the last place we lived I was able to use a florescent light bulb to light the cage so he had a night and day, but I didn't need worry about heat ever as the ambient temp was sufficient. Now in the new place, the...
  5. B

    please help?? Scaleless Crestie???

    My last egg of the season hatch on the 22nd. But on closer inspection he's not like a normal crestie!! his skin looks off, and feels different to the touch then a normal crestie. The best way I can explain it is all my other cresites feel like 'swade' when this guy almost feels sticky or tacky...
  6. H

    Large self-sustaining vivarium idea

    I would like to make a self-sustaining live plant vivarium with crested geckos, at my disposal I have the following: Crested geckos (Any amount) Glass front opening tank (36 tall, 24 wide, 18 deep - Equal to about 70 gallons) Fog machines (Up to 4) Lights (Any color or size) Heating utilities...
  7. T

    Wanted female crested geckos

    I am looking for females crested geckos that are RTB or will soon be RTB. Specifically Dalmatian or red dalmatian, BUT i would like any other morph as well You can email me at [email protected] if you have any offers :main_thumbsup: thankss!!
  8. R

    Crseted Geckos for sale :D

    5 crested geckos for sale all male and 1 female 1 Red Harley Male, 1 Extreme Harley Male,1 Harley Male, 1 Tiger Male, and 1 Extreme Harley Female! all for $550 SHIPPED! prefer to sell as a group, great looking bunch! need a home :D -ryan (386)-243-2567
  9. J

    Help Sexing 1 year old Crested Gecko

    Hi, My cresty is now 1 year old, I am fairly certain it is female. But I'm not 100%. Can I get some help? It started weeing in this picture >_> Thanks JM
  10. E

    never got told the age of my cresties?

    ive had my baby cresties about 6 months now and when i got them i wasnt told about the age or sex, has anyone got any help on how i can tell? their names can be boy or girl so i have no worries about re-naming them.. its just annoying that i can answer anyones questions about them. :main_huh:
  11. ziggy360

    Repashy MRP

    Hi there i now have a crested gecko, well hes been in the family for about a year now and as my mum isnt as patient as me (she found him boiring) which i dont seem how:main_huh:, hes so lovely and fascinating.:main_robin: anyway at the moment we've been using CGD powder but at 3-4 pound a...
  12. J

    Lighting for Crested Gecko?

    Hi, I know it is not necessary for Cresties to have lighting, however I was going to get a planted viv. The placing of the viv gets little to no sunlight which can't be good for the plants. So I was thinking of getting some Exo Terra lighting hoods. I just need to know if this is a...
  13. touch 13

    Crezztie wont stick? =[

    Hey everyone, i've recently purchased my first crestie this past month and i have a situation. My Crested gecko is approx 2 years old, weighing in at 34Grams tailless. He is indeed a male =] but has a problem with his feet. I purchased him at a cheap price and maybe this is why? He's a healthy...
  14. touch 13

    My Gecko's and their weights, too fat?/ too skinny?

    As of Feb 2 2011 Female tokay gecko(gekko gecko) - 52Grams Female malayasian golden gecko (Gekko ulikovskii) - 32.7Grams Male Fat tail gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) - 41Grams Male Pictus gecko (Paroedura pictus) -8.8Grams In the past month i've purchased two new Geckos, weigh in's...
  15. D

    Male or Female Which is better.

    I know that its hard to tell what sex a gecko is when they are small, but I want to know what I'm in for when I finally get my Crested Gecko. So Which sex is better Male or Female? I want a gecko that I can handle and show to others without it embarrassing me or being to sick and...