New Leopard Gecko, interesting past feeding


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I just recently got a free leopard gecko off of Craigslist. I have done some research and I think I’m pretty good for now. I have him in his (I think) 40 gallon exo terra enclosure, his singular magnetic hide, his two bowls and then they had him on heat lamps. They had no bulbs in them so I used some of my old heat mats (because I know these are better, but they aren’t the correct size). They had no substrate, but I’m sure they had him on paper towels and removed them before giving me him, and they gave me cricket food (which was expired and some had dust on the top) and then dried mealworms. I have no clue what they fed him before, he’s not too unhealthy though, he’s a little underweight but not bad. He won’t eat any live food though. I did buy crickets and mealworms (both live this time) and I believe one cricket got out and he MAY have eaten one mealworm. Any suggestions to help with feeding? I’m a little worried that he just won’t eat what I give him, he will eat the dried mealworms though. Thanks!


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Somerville, MA
You could try holding him (if he'll let you) and gently poking a live feeder at his mouth. He may bite it and find that he likes it. Just keep trying and maybe he'll get the idea.


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