1. JadedGeckos

    Tremper Albino x RAPTOR = result?

    Hi My name is Anton(JadedGeckos) and im abit new to breeding and morphs in general so im reading about and gotten alot of info. I have gathered all the info about breeder and such but the results in genetics are abit more tricky to get into my head. so my question is, if/when i breed my Tremper...
  2. madisonv56

    Anybody know the morph of this baby?

    Does anybody know what morph this baby leopard gecko is? Just got it today!
  3. F

    Help with a morph please!

    Hello all! New here :) I've had my girl Neru here for about 8 months now. The shop owner couldn't tell me the morph (small local petsore, had only just started bringing in herps and I jumped at the occasion lol). I have a slight idea about what she could be, but I'm relatively new to leo...
  4. Abyssain

    Need help with morph

    Hello! There is Luke (2yo male). I bought him few weeks ago. The seller in the petstore was able to say that this is enigma, and what else does not know) There r no photos of parents or juvenile photo. But he's gorgeous anyway :3 He has a little bit snake eye in one side (~10%), mb u can see...
  5. B

    Help ID 2 Leopard Gecko Morphs

    I recently got 2 female leopard geckos. I got them a few weeks apart. My first one, Redd, was cheaper than the one, Boogie, I got today. They’ve been settled in for about 12 hours and absolutely adore eachother already. They both eat very well. Redd is smaller than Boogie, as she seems to be...
  6. L

    Help identify morphs

    Can someone please help me identify the possible morph for a few different leopard geckos?
  7. B

    What morph is my leo?

    Hi everyone! Just got this little baby a few weeks ago and we are having a hard time determining the morph... definitely some type of albino. I’ve never seen a leo with coloring/markings like this one! It’s body is mainly yellow, and then has some purple and white coloring on the head and...
  8. R

    Random questions?

    Any ideas on what morph this guy is? And also, why is his tail so wonky? I got him like this, I swear
  9. L

    Morph Help!

    Morph Help - Attached are some (rather bad) pictures of her as a baby and a picture of her as she has gotten older. TIA! PS: Pictures are old and outdated - before I knew sand was a bad substrate choice!
  10. F

    Help with morph id

    Was hoping someone could help me id the morph on this little guy.. Having trouble myself.
  11. D

    morph guide? (also, what morph are these?)

    these three little ones will move in with me this weekend i'm getting them for free from a private breeder, who said because they don't have their tails, nobody will want them BUT how can you not fall in love with these tiny little things? :) i am really bad at telling their colors apart, and...
  12. R

    Need help identifying gecko morph.

    Need help identifying gecko morph, not an adult yet. Leaning towards Rainwater.
  13. F

    "The Lemon Frost' - Rarest Leopard Gecko Morph - Fun With Life Update - FEB 2016

    A bit of news for everyone today regarding the newest and definitely very rare 'Lemon Frost' Leopard gecko mutation established by Mike Layman of Gourmet Rodent. Geckos Etc (Steve Sykes) and Gourmet Rodent are the only two that are known to have this new morph. As we get into the breeding...
  14. D

    What's the morph of my gecko?

    I bought the gecko three months ago as a hatchling and it is very active. I don't know the gender yet, but what I'm curious about is its morph. Is it just a tremper or is there any thing to add to its name? Thank you!
  15. TBHall

    Beardy Morph Help

    Hello! I purchased my first juvenile Bearded Dragon hatchling from Wildlife Safari in Roswell, NM a few months ago and I haven't really been able to decide what morph this little guy/gal is. Any help and input would be appreciated! The pictures taken were shot two days post shed.
  16. B

    Help With A Morph?

    Hello! I just bought my first Crestie today. I'm not quite sure of the morph yet. I'm thinking tiger/dalmatian or maybe brindle.. Does anyone know? I know it might be hard to tell from these pictures, but I didn't wanna stress Thorn out by taking too many pictures.
  17. E

    Rescued Tokay Assorted Questions

    I recently rescued a Tokay gecko aprx. 3 y/o, about 14 cm snout to vent. I believe he was being kept in subpar conditions, but my information is limited. At three should he be fully grown? He seems a smidge on the small side, but again, not knowing what care he's received he could be a bit...
  18. L

    want adult female leopard geckos under 125 shipped individual or group

    hi, my names jr im looking for a female leopard gecko thats an adult and is ready to breed or soon ready to breed, i am open to anything but normals, i am looking to spend 150 shipped , if you have a group of females for under 150 shipped also let me know.please send pics, weight and discription...
  19. F

    What type of Bearded Dragon and improvments?

    (By the way, the one where he is on top of a head, that's my friend xD) This is my buddy Thor! I was just wondering if i had a special morph of Bearded Dragon. I believe he is a sunburst because he is a bright yellow color (especially when he is happy :D) with a brown accent, but I am not sure...
  20. S

    Pictus gecko morphs/eye color

    Could some people post pics of the morphs they're working with? I was hoping to see what available out there. Also, what is the common eye color of a pictus? I've seen turquoise and red rimmed eyes on mine, not sure if theirs anything there. thanks for any help!