Tremper Super Snow x Tremper Sunglow


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Hello everyone.
Im confused about morphs and i need help.I have female Tremper Super Snow and Tremper Sunglow.I've paired about 2 weeks ago and i couldn't figure it out what the possible breeds i can get.
I'd appreciate it if someone tell.


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The super snow has 2 copies of the snow gene.
The sunglow is an albino (so it has 2 copies of the albino gene), should ideally have few or no body spots and is orange. The reduced body spots and the orange color are what's called "polygenetic" meaning that it's not a simple case of dominant and recessive genes but that the way to get very orange geckos is to pair very orange geckos together.

All of the offspring will be snows and none will be super snows. That's because the super snow will give a snow gene to every offspring. They should all hatch out black and white instead of black and yellow. If the sunflower is actually a snow and you don't know it, some of your offspring will be super snows.

None of the offspring will be albinos unless your super snow has an albino gene that you don't know about. They will all have a gene for albino so if they're bred to each other or back to the super snow some of the offspring will be albinos.

In my experience, the combination of orange coloring and snow often yields orangy-gray geckos that aren't so attractive. Hopefully you'll get a better result.


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