AFT compared to Leopard Gecko?


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I've currently got a leopard gecko. I absolutely love him and he has defnitely gotten me interested in more reptiles in the future. I've recently been thinking about getting another Leo, but then i started looking at African Fat Tail geckos. So right now I'm wondering if I should go for another Leo, or a Fat Tail.

From what i've read, they are pretty similar, except Fat tails need a slightly lower temp and more humidity? Now thats definitely something I can easily manage, but im confused about the humidity. Some sources say a humid hide is all you will need for them. If thats the case then its the same as leopard geckos. I keep a humid hide in my leos tank at all times. Some places say you can also mist the cage a couple times a week, other say absolutly not, because it will make it too humid!

So what do you guys do about humidity? Anything else that makes these guys different? Thanks!


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I keep my AFTs the same as my leos and they seem to do 100% fine. They are in a rack with a moist hide and paper towel substrate. I mist them all (leos and fatties) when I clean but I do it more for the paper towel to lay flat than for their benefit. I mist so it dries out within 8-12 hours or so. The AFTs are a bit more nervous when handled but are easier to handle as they don't seem to move as much. They are super soft and have this "cute" growl/hiss/lunge move when they try to scare you off. Many AFTs won't take to mealworms easily as they prefer more active prey but they can usually be switched over with some patience and time. You'll need to provide crickets or roaches for them until they switch though. They are fun and different than leos! I think if you want an active gecko that will explore and be out and about a leo would be more the thing. The AFTs hide 95% of the day and are more or less pet rocks when I get them out but they are cute and endearing!


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I've had both and ended up keeping fat tails exclusively in the end. I just find them SO cute, they are super similar to leos except rounder (their little faces are rounder, their little nubby fingers are rounder, etc.) so I find that adorable. And they're usually so chill. My male white out thinks he's a tough little thing but he's still so easy to handle, and the girls are super sweet. They do sleep all day but once they're out at night they like watching me do things at my desk, and I tong-feed them treats sometimes.

As far as caring for them, they're not any more difficult. I do mist my tank down a few times a week, just a little bit, but rely on the humid hides more for humidity. Mine for the most part like superworms, but perhaps it's because they're generally more active than mealworms. And they will eat crickets and roaches, and then butterworms, small hornworms, and grasshoppers/katydids occasionally.

They're a great species, so if you like leos you'll definitely like these guys too.


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I keep both (as well as a bunch of other species). My AFT's live in planted tanks and I mist every morning, partly for them and partly for the plants. A few will eat supers but most eat crickets. Expecting my first whiteout/patternless hatch any day now, I hope.


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