african fat tail

  1. roxannetro

    AFT gecko tail wound

    Hi everyone, I discovered a weird wound on the underside of mt AFT gecko’s regenerated tail. I dont really know where it came from, or if i should be worried about it. Does anyone know what it may mean? He also just shed, so it couldn’t be that. Thanks
  2. roxannetro

    new AFT owner questions

    Hello everyone, I'm a new reptile owner and just recently acquired a fat tailed gecko. I am so worried about him, and I don't know if I'm just freaking out or not. First of all, I have never seen him eat.. and he never jumps at the food if i put it in the cage. I tried waving both crickets and...
  3. A

    Help. My female fat tail laid one of her two eggs in her.

    She’s laid eggs before, which actually hatched yesterday, and then laid another egg yesterday within hours of the first ones hatching. When she laid the first eggs she laid them together. I’m worried that she might be egg bound. Does anybody have any suggestions or any info at all that could...
  4. Taterbunny

    AFT Rescue advice?

    So this Friday, I'm taking in two AFT rescues. The lady who has them says they were surrendered to her at her work recently, and she's been trying to find them homes. We both agree that the previous owner had no idea what they were doing. So the situations and what I can gather from pics: 1...
  5. Y

    WhiteOut hatchlings 2015

    This 2 cute babies is my first whiteout hatchlings from breeding WhiteOut to a WildCaught Female... Hatch couple days ago...Hope you like it ;)
  6. H

    AFT compared to Leopard Gecko?

    I've currently got a leopard gecko. I absolutely love him and he has defnitely gotten me interested in more reptiles in the future. I've recently been thinking about getting another Leo, but then i started looking at African Fat Tail geckos. So right now I'm wondering if I should go for another...
  7. A

    Please help! Sick AFT Gecko

    I have an African Fat Tailed Gecko. He is one year old and has always been very healthy. He lives in a 10 gallon tank, with eco-bark as his substrate. He has always been a good eater, I have recently switched to feeding him larger crickets that he really loves and seems to have no problems...
  8. Little Tails

    Colourful male AFT

    hey guys, We love this little guy 'nero' and we cant believe how orange he is! as he gets older he just keeps getting brighter :)
  9. bridgey88

    new additions from jessica at gecko babies!!

    well we have had these two for a few weeks now and we are so pleased with them a big thank you to jessica she has just been awesome from start to finish, these are stunning and we could not be happier with them:D first up is our whiteout het patternless male Tongo and this is or...
  10. lewisdark86


    as you can probably tell am super excited to have got this stunning girl a few days ago, this all started when a certain someone put a lil fat tail in my hand early in the year, and after that i knew i had to have one. there was no question in my mind what type of fattie i wanted it was just how...