Humidity set up for a new owner


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Hello everyone!
I am new to reptiles (not new to small animal pets/pets in general though) and I have done a lot of research on leopard geckos. I have found that the ideal ambient humidity for them is no greater than 40%, but I live in an area that has a 76% average year-round humidity (with spikes up to 90%) and my house does not have centralized air systems. Basically, if it's humid outside, it's humid inside here. I have an Exo terra tank with front ventilation and I'm worried about keeping the humidity low in my setup. I also considered getting an African fat tail since their humidity range seems to be about 60-70% which is more doable here. I don't want to get a leo and then have them get really sick :( any advice for a concerned future owner?


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Somerville, MA
I don't think humidity is an issue. I live in New England with no AC and in the summer it can be quite humid. As long as someone's not misting the enclosure which creates lots of droplets, it should be fine. I think possibly in the wild these leopard geckos may spend a bunch of their time in more humid micro climates (though I don't know for sure) sort of like the humid hides we provide.


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