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Hello everyone,

I'm a new reptile owner and just recently acquired a fat tailed gecko. I am so worried about him, and I don't know if I'm just freaking out or not. First of all, I have never seen him eat.. and he never jumps at the food if i put it in the cage. I tried waving both crickets and mealworms in his face, but he always seems disinterested. Any tips on how to make food more appealing? He has pooped, which brings me to my other question. His poop was strange, it had a soft orange section along with the white part.. Is that normal?? There was also a semi-clear section, and idk what that's about. My aft is also wrinkly out of nowhere, and I'm not sure what that means either. I have attached a pic of him, and he doesn't look unhealthy. IMG_7557.jpeg


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He looks ok with a big regenerated tail. How long have you had him? It's not unusual for new geckos to stop eating for awhile (and "awhile" could be a couple of weeks) until they get used to things. Most AFT's, by the way, have no interest in mealworms. I'd give it more time. Sometimes an AFT needs to be held and have a feeder poked at its mouth to get it started eating again, but if you've had your gecko for less than 2 weeks, give it more time to settle in first.



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My AFT male, about the same size eats almost exclusively crickets. I can sometimes trick him to take a superworm, but I have to put something more delicious up front first, like say a waxworm, which is why I don't do it often. They also like Dubia Roaches. But yeah, leave him alone except to change his water. Also, make sure the room you're keeping him in gets a regular light cycle. I learned that one too. If lights keep going on and off during the night it can disturb them.

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