1. roxannetro

    new AFT owner questions

    Hello everyone, I'm a new reptile owner and just recently acquired a fat tailed gecko. I am so worried about him, and I don't know if I'm just freaking out or not. First of all, I have never seen him eat.. and he never jumps at the food if i put it in the cage. I tried waving both crickets and...
  2. M

    Artificially timing AFT day/night cycles with UVB

    I've kept and bred Bearded Dragons before but I'm still pretty new to African Fat Tailed Geckos. I currently work and live on a night shift schedule and thought that I might naturally get to see/interact with a nocturnal lizard more while I work this schedule. But I'm concerned that just leaving...
  3. Taterbunny

    AFT Rescue advice?

    So this Friday, I'm taking in two AFT rescues. The lady who has them says they were surrendered to her at her work recently, and she's been trying to find them homes. We both agree that the previous owner had no idea what they were doing. So the situations and what I can gather from pics: 1...
  4. acpart

    Submarine Gecko

    My AFT's like to dig under the fake plant in their enclosure and hang out under there, especially when it's warm. I caught my amel AFT emerging with dirt on her head. It looks like a great halloween picture: Aliza
  5. Y

    WhiteOut hatchlings 2015

    This 2 cute babies is my first whiteout hatchlings from breeding WhiteOut to a WildCaught Female... Hatch couple days ago...Hope you like it ;)
  6. Red Eyed Three

    Tangerine Amel African Fat Tail Geckos

    We have some beautiful little Tangerine Amel Fatties available. They are unsexed Juveniles. They are 96 dollars each, plus shipping. To order, email [email protected] and include the ID of the individual you are interested in (located in the picture) Or utilize the secure order form...
  7. TruVueGeckos

    A little update on our Whiteout Zulu pos Caramel babies

    They are growing so fast.
  8. U

    just a quick hello and want to kick up some AFt conversation

    Hello everyone my name is Scott hope everyones season has been going good I am not on here as much as I would like to be but I want that to change I will soon be working excusively with AFT geckos and hopefully do some great things with these awesome animals so I am wondering how is everyones...
  9. Palor

    Hour Old Hatchlings!

    Adorable newly hatched amel aft's :)
  10. A

    Please help! Sick AFT Gecko

    I have an African Fat Tailed Gecko. He is one year old and has always been very healthy. He lives in a 10 gallon tank, with eco-bark as his substrate. He has always been a good eater, I have recently switched to feeding him larger crickets that he really loves and seems to have no problems...
  11. Palor

    Amel AFT's

    Now for sale Amel AFT babies!!!! $125 each + shipping, also 1 nice tangerine amel AFT for $175 + shipping. PM with any questions. More pics here:
  12. bridgey88

    new additions from jessica at gecko babies!!

    well we have had these two for a few weeks now and we are so pleased with them a big thank you to jessica she has just been awesome from start to finish, these are stunning and we could not be happier with them:D first up is our whiteout het patternless male Tongo and this is or...
  13. J

    Question about AFT..

    I've had my AFT for almost a year. He's always been fine but as of lately his poop has changed mass and color. Up until recently his poop looked normal but the past week or so possibly, it has been this chalky green color and a solid mass. Not hard, it breaks a part and has a chalky texture too...
  14. C

    White Out AFT

    Finally ticked one off my wish list for 2012
  15. S

    Huge Gecko Sale

    we have a few leopard geckos and african fat tails available. all are feeding well on mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, superworms. no nips on any of our leopard geckos. 100% healthy purchase 2 geckos and get 1 gecko 1/2 off! this is only for a limited time! Shipping is $35-$45 some...
  16. K

    african fat tail pooping in humid hide?

    hey guys my aft layed a clutch about a week and a half ago, and it looks like shes gunna lay another one soon. is it normal for her to poop in her hide? thanks!
  17. K

    Fat tail care questions

    Hey guys am thinking off getting and breeding some fat tails. I want to do some research first. So here a couple questions: how often should I feed my fat tails during breeding season? And how often should I feed them when it's not season? How often should I give them calcium and vitamins during...
  18. W

    My new AFT

    Ended up getting a 1.1 Amel AFt at Daytona. I was debating whether to sell the 2 females I have or get a male. So when I saw these, I decided I wanted to give them another go. They are such calm happy geckos. Male Female The female has a black dot near her rear leg too. Dunno...
  19. P

    AFT Collection Sell / Trade

    I'm moving out of AFTs due to a reduction in available space 0.1 White Out 1.1 Het Patty 2.8 Het Amel 2.2 Amel 1.0 zero sib 1.0 Amel Het White Socks 0.1 66% Het Patty and Amel Make an offer on any or all! I would consider trades for nice reptile racks and BPs. I've also got a...
  20. Carinata

    JMG Tangerine Granite African Fat-Tail Gecko-Adult Female!!!!

    I am trying to thin my herd a little bit to focus on some other projects. It pains me to sell this girl, but I really have no plans for her. She is a JMG Tangerine Granite, with unknown hets (some may be hiding though!). She does have a regenerated tail. She is 42g and feeding on 3/4in and 1in...