New Breeder! need some info

touch 13

Kitchener, Ontario
i've been handling and have kept gecko's for 3 years now. I would like to start breeding as a hobby. Maybe down the road i can make a little bit of an income, but for now i just love to collect.

The geckos i own are:
Female tokay gecko(gekko gecko) - 52Grams
Female malayasian golden gecko (Gekko ulikovskii) - 32.7Grams
Male Fat tail gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) - 41Grams
Male Pictus gecko (Paroedura pictus) -8.8Grams

I turned 20 this past weekend and with my money have baught a new incubator, i house my golden and tokay in a 100gal, i have a divider in the center with my fat tail on the other side. My pictus is in his own 30Gal, and i have 3 extra tanks, one being a 20 the other 2 being 40. I Have the space, the time, and the money. I AM knowledgeable on these species, just need some breeding tips.

I would like to have some input from breeders of these species, and i would also like to know what is an appropriate weight for my friends to start breeding.:main_thumbsup:


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Somerville, MA
Of the species you list I have had experience only with breeding the fat tails. I have found them to be less prolific than the leopard geckos with a lower hatch rate (50% over the last 2 years). On the other hand, they've always sold quickly.