PETA to hold nude demonstration in Fort Lauderdale


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Ummm, of course meat is a corpse...who would want to eat a cow (or other critter) while it was still kicking, you could get hurt :p!
That reminds me of a song where the artist orders the steak tartare and states that a couple bandaids and the cow could have been back out there grazing.

I do not have much to say on the demonstration I believe that some of the protests are stupid. I feel that the people demonstrating by getting naked and laying on celophane wrap or what not actually just degrades that person.

Another action by PETA was having girls dressed in yellow bikinis and sitting in cages along the street to protest the practices of keeping chickens. All this did was oobjectify the girls. The pictures had a place for replies and many were directed at the girls not the treatment of the chickens, because that is not what is being displayed, what is being displayed is girls sitting in a cage in racey bikinis.

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We evolved so that we COULD eat meat but we are capable of surviving, no, thriving, without it. It's all about proper balance. And for those of you who do eat meat (everyone involved in this thread, it seems), that's great. That's your choice, just like it's my choice not to eat it. Just please don't lump us all into one crazy, sick category, k? It's not nice...
Actually if there were no vitamin supplements humans would not thrive on just vegitation... Humans evolved to the point that we needed the nutriance from meats and animal fats... So in a natural situation, humans would need to eat meat in order to survive and thrive but with the world being as it is now, people can get fats, oils, iron and other things normally gotten from animal products in the form of synthetic or processed alternatives...

I do not think vegitarians are crazy... You are free to choose what you want to eat but it is a proven fact that being a vegitarian or even more so, vegan, is not the healthiest dietary choice but neither is eating mounds of red meat... Moderation is best...

I love red meat but choose not to eat it a lot... Maybe once a week...

And in defence of Yamori, although you may be healthy and in good shape, a lot vegitarians/vegans are not... This is clearly because many are not supplementing correctly...


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I have thought off and on of being a vegetarian but I love chicken. I could be ok without the rest I think but not eating chicken... Just don't think I could do it.
I stopped eating red meat a long time ago. Mostly cause it is so bad for ya and I am diabetic now.
Has anyone seen the movie "The year of the dog" it was about a crazy PETA person. Really funny in a very sad kind of way.


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Well here is my 2 cents on Vegans
People who eat meat is solving global warming because the cows we eat fart some tons of methan gas and co2 is released so we eat them to stop those farts while Vegans who eat plants are making the problem worse because the plants convert the methan and co2 into oxygen.


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Ummm... did you know that methane, CO2, and water vapor are the three biggest greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming? Oxygen certainly doesn't...other than it coverts to C02 when things burn.