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Today while cleaning out my 2 year old male leopard geckos tank I saw that his belly and tail have gone pinkish red. His temps are normal (warm side 29°C, cool side 24°C) and he ate crickets two days ago and has been active and otherwise healthy. I am wondering if it is possible he is having an allergic reaction to some butter worms I fed him 4 days ago? He had never tried them before and though he ate them enthusiastically he later regurgitated them. I didn’t think anything of it because he ate crickets the next day and was quite active and acting normal. What do you think?

if the miscolouration is still therein the morning I will be contacting my exotics vet.


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I see that often on some of my geckos. It's not an allergic reaction. Either there's some stuck shed there (rub your finger back and forth in the area and see if it crinkles) or there's a hot spot where it's sitting (it can get hotter than you'd think in the warm hides sometimes because of the trapped air) and it's irritated (the tail, not the gecko).


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