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  • Awsome artwork! Unfortunately I just spend the last of my "fun money" for the month on another gecko, so I don't have anything to help support a fellow artist :/ Good luck selling your work though!
    hey im sorrie hun..ive been quiet bussie with my job at the food have you and the leos been??
    W00T!! Hit the 500 post mark today at 5:08am, which is same time here in Texas as it says at the bottom of the page, anywho...
    Maybe if I had some extra cash lol But most of my money (well, the bit that isn't put into my herps) is going towards a week at the ocean next month.
    thanks! I will check it out....Yeah My sons been saving up his milk money I'm trying to teach him the value of money and adopting is best there's so many animals that needs forever home but if we cant find any then buying is our last resort thanks again
    Yeah .....Do you know anyone that has leos here thats adopting them out or selling them that won't cause me an arm and a leg my son wants more leos hehehehe
    Hey sorry been busy I just logged in today thanks for adding me...
    Thank you for the welcome Message! BTW I'm an Artist as well, Maybe I should show you some of my work sometime...
    yupp. i just went to ******** and bought crickets...ewwiieee feeding time lol its sooo cute to watch leos eat but i hate crickets xD lol
    hey, nm just chillin. its 12:30pm here i just got up lmao im like sooooooo tired *yawn* what are you up to?
    Yeah, I've never heard of Rusk. Midland is a nice 5 and 1/2 hours away from Austin, bleh...and there's NOTHING to do out here....
    Hey! I am also in the middle of nowhere, Texas! haha. Used to be Austin, but now Midland (ewwwww....)
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