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  • Thanks Art Girl.
    Just ran through the group.
    All your work is very Impressive!
    Enjoyed them all. .. but everyone has a favorite.
    I love the "Eldar Avatar," and Your determination (took me almost a week.)
    I like abstract and dabble a bit when the feeling is there.
    You take care Art Girl.... HJ

    Argh, this Visitor Messaging system works differently from the one I'm used to.

    I'll retype:
    Thanks, Krow. :D Nice pictures.
    Yeah, I just turned 17 on May 29th :p I have a later birthday..all my friends are older than me....

    When's your birthday?
    well I think I know what I want, on my thigh on the side pretty long and it'll be some in Swedish or like an ancient tribe writing and be underlined twice and be done by elecctric eye tattoo I believe :)
    thanks for asking :)
    hehe, I'm uploading some of mine right now too (=
    I'll see if I can't put a few pieces up for shits and giggles. ^_^ I work in almost every medium I can get my hands on. I love watercolours, acrylics, oils, prismas, graphite, charcoal and inks. I do most of my stuff digitally right now, with a little leather working on the side.
    yes it is from the Inheritance cycle..My son and I can't wait till the next book comes out. He has read it 4x already. I liked the movie but hadn't read the books when I saw it.. makes a difference.. Kind of like Twilight.. totally killed the movie...LOL
    Sorry its a little late, but i didnt even know you sent this, because it doesnt alert me by email. Anyways thanks, and i love your artwork :main_thumbsup:
    Your artwork is quite lovely! It's nice to see a fellow artist on this site. (=
    I wanted to wish you a happy 17th birthday! I will not be around for most if not all day tomorrow and didn't want to miss telling you :) Have a great day!
    Hey, what's up? haha yeah only about a year and 15 days apart :p. Happy early birthday just incase I don't tell you on time :p.
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