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  • heya thad, how are your dark tang's going?
    Any new raptors or temper enigma's i should see?
    Thats great to hear, Thad! Let me know if you need anything else :)
    Okay Thad lol sorry for the dumb question but the girls are doing great and now Abby the one i got from you is starting to get some orange color on her head now a little bit she is one pretty girl. ;)
    Thad just thought I`d let you know the girls are doing FANTASTIC! That little Reverse Stripe is getting some amazing color on her! Thanks again and hope you enjoy your roaches ;)
    Hey thier Thad um I was wondering the girl i got from you did her poops stay small? cuz when she goes it is not big at all it is small but she is eating I was wondering if she was the same way when she was with you? :)
    Yeah she seems like a shy eater lol but I will say this she loves her waxsworms lol she will eat those right from my hand so if she was not eating I would know she would be loseing weight she is geting to be more active in her cage and her and pearl and doing great with no fighting or anything like that. :)
    You should see her soon to be mate, he is about 70 gram's and is 9in long, he is going to be a year old soon. so im expecting some bright and big baby's soon.
    Heya thad, your little girl you sold me is eating like a pig now, tonight she ate 4 large crickets and two supers, and all i here is here thumping around in her papertowl tube at night. i think shes around 35g now, he belly is getting pretty big and her tail is getting fater aswell!
    Thank you Thad for accepting my friendship request I had to ask you and Abby the new girl I got from you is doing well ya know what I think she is eating when Iam not seeing her lol. ;)
    Thanks for the feed back Thad um she will not eat her crickets now and will not eat any super worms but she will eat the waxsworms lol Iam going to start feeding her and pearl everyother day and see what happends then that maybe best for them they are geting along great and that makes me happy. :)
    I am back on this forum. I created a thread under health but it got deleted by kelli. Wrong section. So I recreated new thread under classifieds: supplements. so if you want to post anything for me there I would appreciate the support. I know you have used Reptaid for your geckos as have many others on this forum.
    Thats nice Thad, I checked some yesterday, I really like a male (141) but I already have one, If he was a she, I would be buying him right now :)

    Yes, is great shes eating back, she started very great, but almost of all the times she was full with 5 crickets every 2 days, so she wasnt putting a lot on weight on her, now shes eating small superworms and would be more bigger for sure.
    Everything here is fine bro, actually I just had a female laying eggs, I will put today Lil T with the female Sunglow to try to make somo Snowglows, I was going to put the Sunglow female with my male SHTCT but I think Snowglows are better :)

    I actually getting more big the female SS, she stop eating, but shes know eating a lot, thank god shes eating now superworms, when she arrived she only accepted crickets, but they're all fine, how is your breeding season going Thad? You need to put more pics of the Sunglows you hatched bro, take care, best regards.


    How are you? How big is the "Big Guy" now? I used a picture of him on my website. It's not up yet but I had to put the Big Guy on there for old times :)

    How big is the Big Guy now? I bet he is a SG. I have another Giant Tang that was born the same day as him from different parents and he just got to 80g. The Giant Tang's dad was one of Moose's SG grandson's and the Female Tang was from Gecko's Etc. 82g. Also, I have an early pic of the Big Guy
    going on my website.

    That's cool he's doing well. Good to hear he's eating :) If you post who he came from on your site I am now Sin City Gecko. My website should be up in 45-50 days. The domain is sincitygecko.com I have a thread going with some of the pics I took today. Chewbecca has been editing my photos since she PM'd me so I haven't posted the other ones but I will later. Check out the Blood Hypo male. He is even redder in person :)
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