1. D

    My Leo lost the tip of her tail !

    Hi all, Recently I got a new female baby leopard gecko named her Carrot, and started off by letting her grow in her own vivarium but when she became an adult I set her with my other two female leopard geckos (which both of them get along fine) and after a week of them staying in the same...
  2. CLBaldwin22

    Question about tail

    Hey all, I’ve had this little one for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues but since his last 2 sheds his tail is super dry looking and changed to a more purpleish color? It’s been like that for a month now. I’m new to this so just making sure he’s healthy. He always has fresh water and...
  3. R

    Random questions?

    Any ideas on what morph this guy is? And also, why is his tail so wonky? I got him like this, I swear
  4. Lil Biscuit

    Beardie tail

    So my beardie around a year ago had a bit of stuck shed and to get it off she bit it. She took a chunk out the side and this seemed to cut off it's circulation or something as it got shriveled and ended up calling off. I decided it would be fine after watching it for awhile. So I've been waiting...
  5. S

    Leopard Gecko was harrassed by cats and his tail fell off

    Hello Yesterday when I returned home I found my leopard gecko under a pair of shorts in a different room surrounded by cats (I have 4 cats). He had lost his tail, but besides that everything else appears to be ok. This is the first time he has last his tail. When I found him he was hissing and...
  6. G

    Anole's tail is looking a bit weird...

    Hello all! A few weeks ago, my parents bought my sister a Green Anole. It sure is a cute little thing, and it's only a baby, but I've noticed something odd about it's tail. (Yes, this cage is dirty and not at all right, I intend to change it as soon as possible, anyone have any advice?) The...
  7. Z

    PLEASE HELP! Crested Gecko Tail Infection

    Hi, I have two crested geckos, one with a tail and one with out. My one with a tail I was gradually helping get left over shed off everyday so one day when I went to take him out my other gecko bit his tail and left a fleshy tip. I had to separate them to avoid any more damage being done and I...
  8. W

    Armoured tail

    One of the sungazers over at KC Exotics Gloucestershire lets me get up close to snap a picture of the spikes on the tail
  9. M

    Is my baby Leo's tail normal??

    I recently got a baby leopard gecko and I would say she's about 2 or 3 months old. But the last inch of her tail isn't scaly or ridged, it's fat and soft. Is this normal?
  10. C

    Zero African Fat Tails

  11. P

    AFT Collection Sell / Trade

    I'm moving out of AFTs due to a reduction in available space 0.1 White Out 1.1 Het Patty 2.8 Het Amel 2.2 Amel 1.0 zero sib 1.0 Amel Het White Socks 0.1 66% Het Patty and Amel Make an offer on any or all! I would consider trades for nice reptile racks and BPs. I've also got a...