1. L

    HELP, what's happening to my leopard geckos tail?

    so it's been a week and her tail looks like this now but in the other pictures thats how it looked like before. ive been applying antibitoic ointment because I was told to but i cant tell if its getting worse or if its healing. Does anyone know what this is?? The tip of one of her toes are black...
  2. C

    Fat belly, thin tail?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and joined it hoping maybe some of you more experience leo owners could help. I have a 10-11 year old female leopard gecko named Jessie. She lives in a terrarium by herself. I keep it at around 90F. A few years ago she had the disease known as mouth rot...
  3. D

    Blood on my male leopard gecko's tail

    Hi all, Just wanted to ask if this is something I need to be concerned about. This gecko was living a really healthy life. His tail now shrunk a bit since he was overweight and now I find some blood on his tail... washed him up and there are no "cuts" and it isn't too deep of a wound. Is this...
  4. G

    Leo Tail Injury- HELP!

    Hey guys! I'm new here and looking for advice. My four ish month old leo is having tail trouble... It started as a little red nip kind of thing at the very tip of her tail, and in a week it's turned into this... I don't know how bad it is or what to do, I'm a first time reptile owner. Help!
  5. J

    Questions regarding pricing

    I am having difficulty deciding what to price my offspring Leopard Geckos at. I have 5 of them (video links shown below). They all came from a Super-Hypo Tangerine Carrot-Tail Baldy mother and a normal (possible Giant?) father. This is the 1st in the clutch, hatched around Easter 2019, male...
  6. S

    What is on my gecko’s tail?

    Hello! Ever since my gecko’s tail has been getting bigger, I’ve noticed this indent on her tail thats quite big. Is this normal or should I take her to the vet?
  7. D

    My Leo lost the tip of her tail !

    Hi all, Recently I got a new female baby leopard gecko named her Carrot, and started off by letting her grow in her own vivarium but when she became an adult I set her with my other two female leopard geckos (which both of them get along fine) and after a week of them staying in the same...
  8. CLBaldwin22

    Question about tail

    Hey all, I’ve had this little one for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues but since his last 2 sheds his tail is super dry looking and changed to a more purpleish color? It’s been like that for a month now. I’m new to this so just making sure he’s healthy. He always has fresh water and...
  9. R

    Random questions?

    Any ideas on what morph this guy is? And also, why is his tail so wonky? I got him like this, I swear
  10. Lil Biscuit

    Beardie tail

    So my beardie around a year ago had a bit of stuck shed and to get it off she bit it. She took a chunk out the side and this seemed to cut off it's circulation or something as it got shriveled and ended up calling off. I decided it would be fine after watching it for awhile. So I've been waiting...
  11. S

    Leopard Gecko was harrassed by cats and his tail fell off

    Hello Yesterday when I returned home I found my leopard gecko under a pair of shorts in a different room surrounded by cats (I have 4 cats). He had lost his tail, but besides that everything else appears to be ok. This is the first time he has last his tail. When I found him he was hissing and...
  12. G

    Anole's tail is looking a bit weird...

    Hello all! A few weeks ago, my parents bought my sister a Green Anole. It sure is a cute little thing, and it's only a baby, but I've noticed something odd about it's tail. (Yes, this cage is dirty and not at all right, I intend to change it as soon as possible, anyone have any advice?) The...
  13. Z

    PLEASE HELP! Crested Gecko Tail Infection

    Hi, I have two crested geckos, one with a tail and one with out. My one with a tail I was gradually helping get left over shed off everyday so one day when I went to take him out my other gecko bit his tail and left a fleshy tip. I had to separate them to avoid any more damage being done and I...
  14. W

    Armoured tail

    One of the sungazers over at KC Exotics Gloucestershire lets me get up close to snap a picture of the spikes on the tail
  15. M

    Is my baby Leo's tail normal??

    I recently got a baby leopard gecko and I would say she's about 2 or 3 months old. But the last inch of her tail isn't scaly or ridged, it's fat and soft. Is this normal?
  16. C

    Zero African Fat Tails

  17. P

    AFT Collection Sell / Trade

    I'm moving out of AFTs due to a reduction in available space 0.1 White Out 1.1 Het Patty 2.8 Het Amel 2.2 Amel 1.0 zero sib 1.0 Amel Het White Socks 0.1 66% Het Patty and Amel Make an offer on any or all! I would consider trades for nice reptile racks and BPs. I've also got a...