Mack enigma and snowglow enigma

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So in the last 5 years I’ve had Enigmas I’ve jotted down notes and in the last 3 years of breeding I’ve made some very interesting hypothesis! It’s nowhere near a conclusion, but I’ve teamed up with a couple other breeders working on some similar theories. And between their ideas and mine, there COULD be a way around ES. There could be a way to help Enigmas avoid getting it! They will always be a carrier, but there could be a way to DRASTICALLY lower the odds of them developing it. And in my experience after they hit a certain age the odds of getting it are already lowered!!! I’ll be posting in another thread a bunch of screen shots of my notes and other discussions! What I can hint for right now…

Higher melanin
Genetics (do’s and don’ts)
Extreme protein based diet
Tap training
Keep hatchlings as stress free as possible
One is the golden ticket

I can also say these guys are NOT for becginners and not to be taken lightly when breeding, they require soooo much up to a certain age and even as adults they have a constant NEED for high protein and amino acids!


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I’m working on writing up a summary. Orrrr what I may end up doing is just taking pictures of all my notes as posting them that way!

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