pictures in the wild? do they exist?


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resurection of this thread. Its been settled that wild leos basicly dont exist. Or atleast, not as we know them.


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There is something seriously wrong with this picture. There would be no way that this picture could be taken without a human hand involved. It seems like the gecko was dropped or was baited with a insect. How many leopard geckos will be jumping in the air while licking their eye? The info states the picture was taken in the wild in Batan Islands, Indonesia. I guess we need to check into the possibility of a new "tropical" species of leopard geckos. That photo is basically a fake with the photographer falsifying the information.


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It looks fake, but its unfair for us all to assume that it is.
The photographer did state it took him hours to take that picture.
And if he DID want to make a fake picture, why would he choose such a skinny sickly looking gecko?

Also, when geckos are scared they scramble so quickly, maybe they could do poses like this for a micro second while they scurry away?


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Look at the light bar going across its stomach. Then look at the top and the lower torso, diffrernt lighting. Not to mention hes in a tree, Wrong species, wrong location, wrong country

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