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  • She weighs about 57 grams. I am going to bring her to the show if she's not sold. If you want to buy her, I will consider it (read this next part carefully) after I have talked to your parents. So far, one gecko is missing and one has been stepped on. Things like this can happen to anyone, but I'm concerned and would like some assurances from your parents that you can take care of a gecko and will have their help if needed.
    I'm so sorry about the lack of updates! Everything has been crazy here over the holidays. I just uploaded a few pictures (sorry, they aren't great pictures) to the gallery, the AFTs are all doing great. They're growing so fast, and the striped one likes mealworms now.
    Ugh, my camera is out of batteries again. I'll have to pick some up tommorrow. I take so many pictures of my pets, and I go through batteries quickly.
    I have to agree, she is looking very bright. I didn't have time to upload pictures today, but I hope to upload them tommorrow night.
    I'll keep you posted with pictures of their color. The striped one who wanted out of her container at the NEHS seems to be getting more and more orange/yellow coloring, and both non-stripes remain light in coloring with an increasing number of spots on their backs. I will take some pictures tommorrow and post them in the gallery.
    The AFT's are doing great. Just keep getting bigger, and eating 7 or 8 crickets each.
    Glad to hear they all found homes. After the non-stripe AFT bit her cagemate's nose, I decided to feed them outside of their enclosure last night. They had more space to chase crickets, and there was no agressive behavior.
    The AFT's are doing great. The oldest one will eat his mealworms and crickets while out of his cage. The other non-stripe bites the striped one at feeding time if she is getting more crickets than her, but I don't see it as anything serious. All of them will eat mealworms, though I have to roll around the worms with feeding tongs in front of the newer two for awhile for them to be interested.
    That's good to hear. Both new AFT's ate tonight. They rarely go anywhere in the tank without each other. They even sleep with their heads resting on each other. I would feel bad separating them when they outgrow the 10 gallon they are in now. I think I will house them together along with their sibling in a 20 long when they're older. That won't be for a long while though, I don't want to give them too much space too soon.
    Both new AFTs ate about 5 crickets tonight. The striped one was reluctant to eat at first, but once she saw that the non-stripe was catching them all, she decided to eat too. I'm glad they are eating.
    After he/she shed the other day, I took a good look in the light at the fat tail I purchased from you at the NEHS. He or she really looked female, I can't find pores. I'm not sure what I saw before, but I think "he" is a she. I really thought I saw pores before, but the gecko let me look for a long time in very good lighting. Anyway, the ones I purchased on Sunday still aren't comfortable enough to eat. Their poop isn't very formed, but I guess that's from not eating. I'll let you know if they do at feeding time tonight. Last night I took Bongo (my adult male AFT) out of his cage along with the fat tail I purchased from you at the NEHS. They checked each other out and Bongo allowed the baby to climb on him. I reached for my camera, but the battery was dead.
    The striped fat tail slept the whole ride home. The other one shed last night, and neither have eaten yet. How long should I wait before handling them?
    I'll PM you soon about picking one up. I'm almost positive I'll be purchasing one.
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