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  • I am interested in purchasing one. Separating them will not be a problem, I was just wondering. I'll let you know soon.
    If I purchased one of your females, could I put her with my male while they are still young? If so, for how long?
    How often should the baby AFT be pooping? He only does about twice a week.
    Yes, I wonder what they will look like. My other male is very dark, I would like to have a lighter one.
    After shedding a couple of days ago, he is much lighter. Look in the aft photo gallery for pictures.
    I'm sure, his preanal pores really stand out. I was looking for a female, but I'm far to attatched to him to switch. If you have any available when I'm ready to breed my adult male, I'll be purchasing from you.
    So I was holding the baby fat-tail tonight before feeding, and looked at the vent to find "she" is male!
    I tried feeding her until she was full, but the amount she will eat worries me. She will eat 15 crickets and still want more. I'm afraid to feed her so many mealies that she will get impacted. Should I be worried?
    I named her Pennie, because she is copper colored. She is still about the same color. I'd love to see a pic of the babies you have left.
    The AFT I purchased from you is doing great. She loves her humid hide and gets very jealous when she sees me holding my other geckos. She is eating 6 or 7 small crickets a night. She no longer will eat pheonix worms. I have her in a 10 gallon tank with a grotto, a humid hide, a tropical plant, and a water dish. I heat her with an infared heat bulb and heat pad. I'm using paper towels as a substrate. Just thought I'd let you know how she was doing. Have a great weekend.
    Did you get the fish moved in from the cold, and have a few spare fish to go with the aquatic plants I picked up last month? All the best, Boyd
    Yeah, I've never had a Fat-tail eat worms before. I am giving her 6 crickets a night, but she still seems hungry after. Thanks for the help.
    My crickets are under 1/4 inch long, how big were the crickets you fed her? Tonight she ate baby pheonix worms. She loved them.
    Hello, I purchased your first hatched 3 month old female AFT yesterday. She is doing great, and sure does love her crickets! I do have a question. How many small (2 week old) crickets should I be feeding her a night?
    You're always welcome here, I'm sure you know that...It is your home as much as it is mine.
    If you need anything while you're here, I'm at your service. do you have here a family?
    and pls tell me about your leos! in Israel it isn't that developed so there are not many morphs..:( but I'm working on it!
    so i'm looking farward to hear from you!
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