1. Eurydactylodes vieillardi hatchling first shed

    Eurydactylodes vieillardi hatchling first shed

    Day-old hatchling eating his first shed. They’re very dark when they first hatch.
  2. Gojira_0429

    Red spot - bad shedding

    I have a 3 year old boy, who has never been good at shedding. I’ve tried every substrate, humid hide diy that he refused to use, buying a humid hide, changing diet, changing almost anything I can think of. And he just never cares to take off all his shed. He seems to give up easy and really just...
  3. A

    Continuous egg laying?

    Hello. I have a female crested gecko that I have had since she was about two months old. This year she turned 6. I have noticed for the past 8-10 months she has been laying eggs. This is a new behavior for her. She has never been around males so they are definitely dud eggs. My concern is the...
  4. C

    Weird shed?

    I’ve had my leopard gecko for a couple of years and he’s never had a very bad shed. I’m a newbie to reptiles but I’ve never seen shed quite like this. It’s not flakey at all compared to the rest of him. It goes from normal colored to pale with no other signs of shedding. Found him like this in...
  5. CinTob

    Small Area of Stuck Shed

    Hi! So, my approx. 5-6 month old Crimson Day shed about a week or more ago. It went well, and quickly, but there was a small piece left on its tail. I didn't really think anything of it, but am now reading that it may be a problem. I really don't want to try to handle him, as I'm thinking this...
  6. A

    Stuck Shed on skittish gecko

    My 1 year old leo, Milo, has been with me since March of this year. Every month (except for maybe March) he's gone through his shed and has done reasonably well except for a few of his toes. I know that a suggested technique is a warm bath and some good hand eye coordination but he's still...
  7. H

    One eye closing

    Hi sorry if this is in the wrong place but my lepord gecko just shed for the first time with me and I've noticed after shedding his right eye is now occasionally shutting I don't know if he's just tired or what but I can't see any stuck shed staying on his eye or anything
  8. CLBaldwin22

    Shedding question

    I’ve only had this guy for about 2 weeks now and this is his first shed I’ve seen and know most people are saying they eat the skin they shed but he doesn’t appear to be eating it. How long do I leave it in there to see if he will eat it or not? He just starting shedding last night.
  9. K


    Hi everyone, Ive had my leo for nearly a month now, hes only a baby baby (2.5 months/3 months). He's had shedding problems since day 1 due to poor husbandry where he was kept before but hes getting much better. Is this shed in his eye or is it another issue?? Please help -Kay
  10. M


    Hi, I have a leopard gecko who is around 1 year and 6 months old. (I have not had her from a baby, I got her when she was around 1.) Since I have had her, I have never seen her shed, I have been told that they eat their skin so you don't always see it however I have never even seen her go a dull...
  11. R

    Leopard Gecko won't shed!?!?

    So, I got a perfectly healthy year old leo about 2 weeks ago. A few days ago he started getting dull, but he hasn't shed. How long does pre shed last for leopard geckos? Have I done something wrong for my boy? Please help, I love him so much
  12. G

    Update on Fred's health!

    Hello all! Back about a few months ago, I posted that my gecko had been having trouble with his fingers, her shed would get stuck on them! Though a few of her fingers are missing from many years of previous owners not taking well enough care of her fingers, she should never lose more fingers...
  13. R

    Crested Gecko Setup

    Hey everyone. I've made some posts here and their but I wanna get all my other questions answered here. Please only leave a reply if you're knowledgeable about the questions asked. I got my crested gecko three days ago and I've run into some small problems. Hopefully I can get them sorted out so...
  14. S

    Golden gecko has a blocked.. Rectum? With a spot that won't shed

    I have a 5+ year o,d golden gecko and for the first time in those 5 years I've never had issues with him shedding. After his most recent shed, there seems to be a bit left blocking his excretion area. I am not sure if it stopping him from doing his business as I just noticed it is still there...
  15. touch 13

    Crezztie wont stick? =[

    Hey everyone, i've recently purchased my first crestie this past month and i have a situation. My Crested gecko is approx 2 years old, weighing in at 34Grams tailless. He is indeed a male =] but has a problem with his feet. I purchased him at a cheap price and maybe this is why? He's a healthy...